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  1. how are we supposed to help if there is no Information on what the hell is the problem??
  2. just try to move it to over the damage panel to see if your hitlog moves back to normal
  3. move your efficiency panel from the top to over damage panel i think that's why your hitlog is not lining up cos your using it at the top move it to over the damage panel
  4. when will we see the new updates for 1.5
  5. when legionlost updates his contour icons could you please add his tech tree icons as well, please
  6. yes thank you i found the problem now
  7. what could be causing this in the hanger got a few custom mods installed as well and if i don't install mods from the custom folder its ok Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  8. if i change the name of the atlases folder to atlas it shows up in the flash folder with the atlases folder but won't install to the atlases folder stupid
  9. so why the hell is it not installing to that atlases folder for me then??
  10. mods.zip res_mods.zip its working now but the atlases path don't install
  11. aslain this is strange i got nothing installing from that custom folder
  12. strange i got nothing installing to res_mods/ folder
  13. yes cos i got few other tweaked config files going to the res_folder
  14. i am trying to install some mods from the custom mods folder i am trying to get legionlost over the target icons to res_mods/ but they won't install to that folder when i install your modpack so i have to install them manually
  15. could you please add global win ratio to the list for the right side of hp bar, please
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