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  1. i see the hitlogs have been removed any reason for that i use one of them
  2. i have shell speed selected but i am not going to play until tomorrow anyway
  3. has anything changed in your latest modpack for same strange reason the 2 lock keys on the gold and the free experience have gone not there anymore and the Ping/number of players at loading has gone and few other settings have changed i have not played a battle yet so i dont know if there is any other strange things
  4. John11

    Hawg's mods

    thank you brilliant
  5. John11

    Hawg's mods

    there is no review picture for version 4 or 5
  6. John11

    Hawg's mods

    do you have any pics on version 4 and 5, please thanks
  7. John11

    Hawg's mods

    thank you for adding them anyway my fault for not reading what was updated in the modpack
  8. John11

    Hawg's mods

    witch version in the hawg paintball is it i thought he only had 1 version that's on the wg mod portal
  9. John11

    Hawg's mods

    is the hawg paintball in as well? i haven't got that in version 05?? is that a modpack you haven't realized yet?
  10. John11

    Hawg's mods

    where in the list are they?
  11. John11

    Hawg's mods

    are they in the modpack yet??
  12. John11

    Ingame store bug

    it's fixed now did the integrity check and i reinstalled modpack with admin rights so don't know witch one worked so its all fixed thanks for the help
  13. John11

    Ingame store bug

    so how come it i just load up wot don't do any battles or frontline i cant review tanks or buy any tanks in the store there must be a mod somewhere that don't like wot right i just started wot tried to review a tank in the tech tree and tried to buy a tank in the store and this is the log file Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  14. John11

    Ingame store bug

    yes in frontline last night was only doing frontline well if i load wot up now review tanks in the tech tree or trying to buy tanks in the store works so i have no idea
  15. John11

    Ingame store bug

    i have a bug in the store i cant buy any tanks in the store if i click on any tank in the store i just get the aslain logo flesh up for a split second and no option to buy tank i looks like the same bug as i have in trying to review tanks in the tech tree Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
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