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  1. i think if i am correct you need to move the Aslain_Modpack folder that's in your wot folder to the new wot folder on your new camp so when your installing the modpack it remembers all your mod options
  2. i am going to use your aslain's players panel for wot and i am using the large panel and from default xvm in game but how can i change the from players rating to win ratio %
  3. yes i now about the delay was watching world of tanks stream on twitch and they was saying to stop the delay to rebind the salvo key to something else so i was wondering i will use RMB no way it will rebind to the RMB so is there anybody else getting the same problem
  4. if anyone has this tank has anyone got a problem that you cant bind the RMB to salvo firing i got it set right now to LMB and it has that annoying delay in firing cos fire and salvo firing is on LMB stupid game wont let you bind salvo firing to RMB
  5. i got this problem as well if i open combat intelligence dead ESC
  6. i can see x and y but witch ones moves it in arcade and in sniper mode or is it in the same position in both sights
  7. i have been looking in battlelabelsight but witch parts can i edit to move up/down and left/right
  8. how can i move the xvm aim info in arcade and in sniper mode i would like to move them more to the right of the crosshair i am using legionlost crosshair i would like to move them like the pictures
  9. hay aslain since update #02 today maxdata carousel from divingduck has stopped working i am only getting the normal wg carousel showing up
  10. aslain's modpack is on the wargaming mod hub so use the mod hub to download the modpack = no virus
  11. wait i see display unaltered icons in wot's otm was checked lol unchecking that and it worked i didnt see that damn that all it was all this time i have been copying them 2 files over
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