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  1. if your looking for a good repair mod the protanki one is on easy one but its is russian
  2. and no options will show up in battle it's all done automatic just press the spacebar and this is the list i have for the protanki repair mod seems to repair everything i need you mite need to edit it a bit maybe
  3. the protanki repair mod setting menu is at the bottom right of the garage in the mod list and its activated with the space bar
  4. hey thanks for the update and i have been using this mod since the start and aslain renamed that icon folder when i told him about it months back to stop the overwriting
  5. you all ready have the Fog-Sun Glare Remover in the madpack but could you add the Fog Only Remover + Borders with fog from Hawg as well to the madpack please
  6. don't use ui scale 1.4 on a 1440p monitor set ui scale to 1.2 in the modpack when you install it and then go to your world of tanks game folder and go to mods/config/promod and change to 1.0 in uiscale.json i have a 1440p msi optix27cq monitor and use ui scale 1.0. and if you don't like 1.0 ui scale try 1.1 or 1.2 dont go higher it will mess things up and after you have set your ui scale to your liking you can install that uiscale.json in the custom folder like it do
  7. dont use the infopanel.json like aslain sed use the tankpanel.json from the oldskool folder and you mite need to reset your coordinates again cos the Y position has changed for some reason i had 1710 for posY its 530 now so your number mite have changed use the custom folder way much easier to save your mods config files i use many of them
  8. that infopanel.json in oldskool folder is fucked up for same reason there is a strange overlapping in the oldskool setting in game if i delete that file in configs oldskool and have it in pmod folder there is no strange overlapping in the setting and it remembers its position in game i have not played this game i a few weeks we need to get aslain to look into this
  9. go to oldskool folder in the config folder and open infopanel.json you can set its position in there and if your never going to move the panel again anytime soon in the game you can install that infopanel.json file using the custom folder way so you dont need to set its position every time that's that i do cos i use that infopanel
  10. where is circle15.cfg for this mod so i can change the key cant find it
  11. yes its stupid annoying i get game just exits to desktop after the battle finishes its fucking annoying if you have won and cant add the bonus
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