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  1. i am getting the same problem fucking stupid kaspersky keeps quarantining wows modpack and it damn annoying
  2. i managed to fix it by removing friends notifier and shell info i had no error last night had madpack 01 installed i just installed your 04 modpack and got that script error
  3. any ideas?? Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  4. i am sorry if i am getting to be a pain in the ass
  5. sorry not aim time but reload time so the reload time changes from tank to tank with crew perks and equipment if it does then that info panel that's already in the mod pack only shows base view range a base reload time witch is useless that's why i was asking if we could add when to the mod pack so we can get the proper reload time with crew perks and equipment if it uses xvm
  6. can i ask do the panels on here get there info from xvm and do the crew skills and tanks equipment change the aim time and the view range of the tank i am looking at?
  7. can you change the version of the panels in the modpack
  8. could we get in contact with Aslain to see if he could add them to the modpack
  9. could you add them to the mod pack please like you have with the debug panels saves me from manually adding them
  10. hey Aslain i have this problem with some custom atlas files from legionlost contour icons v6.7.0 i and trying to install to res_mods/ i have had this problem for months now i have a few custom files i install and they all install with no problems to all the folder i have custom files but them atlas files will never install to that atlases folder and i have no idea why its now getting annoying cos i have to install them manually can you help once and for all
  11. i fixed it now there was same line in that battleLabels.xc for def.debugpanelbg like you was showing non-existing def i removed that def line and all work fine now and the custom info panels i have work no xvm errors and thanks for the help
  12. well if i remove both on them files that error is gone so there must be something changed in the info panel that i have installed and its your info panel ress
  13. sorry thought was something else cos it was saying debug panel
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