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  1. dont use the infopanel.json like aslain sed use the tankpanel.json from the oldskool folder and you mite need to reset your coordinates again cos the Y position has changed for some reason i had 1710 for posY its 530 now so your number mite have changed use the custom folder way much easier to save your mods config files i use many of them
  2. that infopanel.json in oldskool folder is fucked up for same reason there is a strange overlapping in the oldskool setting in game if i delete that file in configs oldskool and have it in pmod folder there is no strange overlapping in the setting and it remembers its position in game i have not played this game i a few weeks we need to get aslain to look into this
  3. go to oldskool folder in the config folder and open infopanel.json you can set its position in there and if your never going to move the panel again anytime soon in the game you can install that infopanel.json file using the custom folder way so you dont need to set its position every time that's that i do cos i use that infopanel
  4. is this your after
  5. yes i found it now thanks
  6. where is circle15.cfg for this mod so i can change the key cant find it
  7. yes its stupid annoying i get game just exits to desktop after the battle finishes its fucking annoying if you have won and cant add the bonus
  8. reserve stock received plus other spending dont now how they work it out
  9. is there anyway to move that stupid battle pass tank score with that diving duck carousal i use or is it a no go
  10. many things broken with FL again this year
  11. i get the same problem its stops working you need to set a key in its config file so you turn it off and on when your in Frontline so you can get it to work again i had the problem all last year with auto aim go to (World_of_Tanks_EU\res_mods\\scripts\client\gui\mods) and open mod_autoaim_indicator.json file find the line "toggleKeyCode" and set a number for the key you can use to turn it on and off if it stops working to get it to work again
  12. witch auto aim you using
  13. redownload the modpack i had that problem
  14. is it showing up at the top in the garage if its been fixed i got nothing in the garage
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