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  1. Ress

    Hawg's mods

    Under Crosshair mods > Colored Damage Stickers > variation 4 and 5
  2. Out of curiosity i just downloader b160 link and my images&data, and it loads up everything. (ofc profiles are still stored on my pc from b159 so i didn't have to import those) I even try sub foldering for "Images/Ress" like you have, also works. idk i created .csv based on this post link In the end issue must be something super simple and we just cant see it.
  3. I mean its pretty much straight forward, use custom .csv so you can import image, use image named as defined inside .csv Unless if you already have another custom .csv for autoloader/HasDrum? ...maybe try removing my .csv Also i still use TIM b159 and not latest b160 (with wheeled property)
  4. Hmm... it should work and show errors for non-drum tanks (but thats normal). Gonna quickly recheck profiles and .csv maybe i messed something up with upload. EDIT: Everything looks fine, idk why it doesn't load images in your case. Stupid question: Did you forgot to copy new images? I used default background-slesh-3.png flipped it for mirrored profile and named it Drum.png and Drum2.png Also with .csv you should have new property now, with text it should show "Drum" (didn't test text part, since i needed it for image import) in default Exported-WotData-HasDrum-Wargaming-0.csv is "*" and you can't name image *.png So i used Drum.png and Drum2.png images where {HasDrum}=Drum instead of *
  5. v06 - Replaced autoloader text with image > >
  6. Ress

    XVM debugPanel configs (for debugPanel.py)

    I always wanted to create some sort of header/bar (inspired by smartphone notification bar) with debugpanel, hppool and battle timer inside (maybe hitlog and assistlog headers as well), also with alt toggle/dropdown stuff (why not?). But everytime i start working on it, it never looks/feels right (idk maybe flipping dpanel in the right corner). Now that i started playing wot again, here comes my current work in progress/third attempt on creating this panel: [wip]V10.7z (atm looks similar to V9 but smaller...still experimenting with font/icons... also can't decide should i colorcode or go white only)
  7. Ress

    XVM debugPanel configs (for debugPanel.py)

    Minor bug in configs for V1 and V2 (with xvm 7.8.2+) Since xvm optimization, short h/w doesn't work like it used to (on mayority of config stuff). Easy fix, instead of "h": and "w": should be "height": and "width": Fixed
  8. Ress

    "Look at the map" mod?

    My play session took way too long, so i stopped playing again and don't have game or anything wot related on pc. Also i don't know how much xvm and game are stable atm. If you have xvm installed(default) or Aslain's modpack with xvm, you should have Aslain folder (inside res_mods/configs/xvm...) at least. put config file there and edit inside (ignore default folder for default xvm) I already posted 2 different checkminimap.xc "example" configs in this topic... anyway...here edited this one for Aslain xvm config, try playing around with this one: CheckMinimap.7z
  9. Ress

    Removal of XVM

    ...mkay, but not xvm removal. pros?=ppl can stop crying about xvm statistics/ratings cons?=you won't be able to spot bots instantly that sums it up...XVM as "extended visualization mod" will still be around.
  10. Ress

    "Look at the map" mod?

    ...link appears to be working just fine. https://koreanrandom.com/forum/topic/36869-battletimer-средствами-xvm/
  11. Ress

    Can't demaunt equipment

    This usually happens if you have your gold locked (with xvm locker), same goes for free xp locker. Any chance you forgot to unlock it?
  12. Ress

    Which Mod is this ???

    @painy2004 Its called Final Shot (under non-xvm hitlogs section)
  13. Ress

    XVM debugPanel configs (for debugPanel.py)

    Revisited and updated each config. Should work "forever" without any need for "maintenance", as long as xvm and extra py_macro are updated regularly. ...another "discontinued" project.
  14. Yup, right click on tank (tech tree, carousel...) > Preview vehicle > then russian text
  15. Ress

    bugs on 11-14-18 @ 3pm central

    First of, you can have full 14 days left, and still have inactive xvm in game (example: if you cleared cache, or as Aslain already told you: have corrupted token). Now if "you did that" you should have 14 days left not 4, since everything below <10 days is auto prolong to 14. You probably have some client/firewall/antivirus/OS/permission issues and not modpack issue. Try fully resetting cache and re-check your system, then make sure you have xvm notification in hangar (not on site) with "Activate" and "14 days left".
  16. Ress

    bugs on 11-14-18 @ 3pm central

    - press windows key+R , search for %appdata% , you will see Wargaming.net folder (that's where general cache & settings are stored) - inside Wargaming.net/WorldOfTanks/xvm - delete tokens folder (highly recommended to delete everything inside WorldOfTanks folder, except preferences.xml) - make sure your firewall is not blocking wot (check if wot is added to firewall exception list, you can also temporarily disable firewall to test it but make sure to restart pc) - after you delete everything (or only tokens folder), start wot, activate xvm again https://modxvm.com/en/, restart wot
  17. Ress

    bugs on 11-14-18 @ 3pm central

    @draclord You have to use Aslains_WoT_Logs_Archiver.exe to generate logs archive. it will create Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip then post that .zip file here. Also adding some screenshots of issue might be helpful. (print screen to capture > stored inside wot/screenshots folder)
  18. Hmm... i can give you temp-solution without doing full modpack reinstall. Solution: Exit game, inside config set scale to 1.00, buy new tank, then set scale back to 1.40 UI scale config file is inside mods/configs/promod/scaling.json (edit with notepad) It's not best solution, at least should save you some time.
  19. Ress

    Repair Panel Mod

    Aside from LCTRL repair mods that come with damage panels there is no such mod atm. Your best bet is xvm with ctrl repair addon. https://koreanrandom.com/forum/topic/36840-repaircontrol-средствами-xvm/ With little bit of digging on forum and messing with configs you might archive what you are looking for. All you need is some input macros to tell you conditions. And repair addon can read module state (normal,damaged,destroyed) also has update on condition (example PY(ON_ENGINE_STATE)). With base xvm all you can read is module repair timers. However you can modify damageLog and last hit (depending where you have it on screen) to display when there is crit hit and what module/crew is damaged.(text or icon)
  20. Ress

    Remove player HP included with XVM?

    You can enable so they are visible only on L.ALT, not 100% hide. For better "removal" you will have to take few seconds and manually edit playersPanel.xc search for: "hpBarBg": { "hotKeyCode": 56, ... "hpBar": { "hotKeyCode": 56, ... "hp": { "hotKeyCode": 56, ... option A: for each of them replace hotKeyCode (default 56=Lalt) to something less useful, for example 73 (Numpad9) option B: for each of them add "enabled":false, at the beginning of the bracket (with 1space in front) "hpBarBg": { "enabled": false, "hotKeyCode": ... "hpBar": { "enabled": false, "hotKeyCode": ... "hp": { "enabled": false, "hotKeyCode": ... ps. wait for modpack to get update for today micro patch (at least xvm)
  21. Ress

    "Look at the map" mod?

    @UmmiQLol, i was just fooling around, but if you wanna test it...well, where to start? you need xvm, extra py macro, example config (from above) and some image.png (if you wanna use image) put battleTimer.py inside res_mods/configs/xvm/py_macro put example CheckMinimap.xc config file inside xvm config folder (by default: res_mods/configs/xvm/default) inside config folder/battleLabels.xc add: ${ "CheckMinimap.xc":"def.CheckMinimap" } (at the bottom, don't forget comma at the end for format above it) Its already setup for text, if you wanna use image indication. -Grab some image.png put inside config folder/icons or inside res_mods/mods/shared_resources/xvm/res inside CheckMinimap.xc add // on first format or remove it remove // on second format example if image is inside xvm config/default/icons "format": "{{py:xvm.secondsBT=45?<img src='cfg://default/icons/image.png'>}}" example if image is inside res_mods/mods/shared_resources/xvm/res "format": "{{py:xvm.secondsBT=45?<img src='xvm://res/image.png'>}}" It only stays up for 1 sec, if you need longer like 3 sec or more, you have to add more {{py:xvm.secondsBT=xx?something}} Quick example using sixthsense icon for 3 sec you can use both (image and text), but you will have to play around with alignment/leading and vspace CheckMinimap.xc I don't know what exactly you need, image? text? on what condition?what position? for how long? Once you figure it out i can help u make proper config file..if you want ...all this was just me fooling around
  22. Ress

    Player Panel Font Shadow

    Tested it with shadow off, works fine. Use #000000 as color (not 0x000000), also hex alpha might not work very well with black. https://www.color-hex.com/color/000000 Btw forgot to colorize clan tag, but you get the idea. Now i don't know what exactly are you trying to achieve, but you can do the same things with OTM and PP (with font & shadow).
  23. Ress

    Player Panel Font Shadow

    Sorry i forgot to mention that you have to put shadow settings inside brackets { } Example with all settings you might need: "fragsShadowLeft": { "enabled": true, "color": "{{c:wn8}}", "alpha": 75, "blur": 2, "strength": 2, "distance": 0, "angle": 90 }, "fragsShadowRight": { "enabled": true, "color": "{{c:wn8}}", "alpha": 75, "blur": 2, "strength": 2, "distance": 0, "angle": 90 }, "nickShadowLeft": { "enabled": true, "color": "{{c:wn8}}", "alpha": 75, "blur": 2, "strength": 2, "distance": 0, "angle": 90 }, "nickShadowRight": { "enabled": true, "color": "{{c:wn8}}", "alpha": 75, "blur": 2, "strength": 2, "distance": 0, "angle": 90 }, "vehicleShadowLeft": { "enabled": true, "color": "{{c:wn8}}", "alpha": 75, "blur": 2, "strength": 2, "distance": 0, "angle": 90 }, "vehicleShadowRight": { "enabled": true, "color": "{{c:wn8}}", "alpha": 75, "blur": 2, "strength": 2, "distance": 0, "angle": 90 }, You can adjust alpha, blur, strength, distance, angle. Preview with black font and wn8 shadows:
  24. Ress

    "Look at the map" mod?

    I doubt such mod exists. But after reading your request got interested to try something with xvm using battleTimer.py There is a way to show text/image at specific time and location on screen. example when timer is at 45 seconds: { "def": { "CheckMinimap": { "enabled": true, "updateEvent": "PY(ON_BATTLE_TIMER)", //"layer": "top", "x": 0, "y": 75, //"borderColor": "0x000000", //"bgColor": "0x000000", //"w": 100, "h": 50, "alpha": "{{my-alive?100|0}}", "screenHAlign": "center", "screenVAlign": "top", "shadow": { "enabled": true, "color": "0x000000", "alpha": 90, "distance": 0, "angle": 90, "blur": 2, "strength": 2 }, "textFormat": { "font": "Calibri", "color": "0xF50800", "size": 50, "align": "center", "valign": "top" }, "format": "<b>{{{{py:xvm.secondsBT}}=45?{{l10n:CheckMinimap}}|}}</b>" //"format": "{{py:xvm.secondsBT=45?<img src='cfg://default/icons/SixthSense2.png'>}}" } } } CheckMinimap.xc
  25. Ress

    Player Panel Font Shadow

    @Shadowhisper What is the issue? on each panel (small, medium, med2...) for each field you have format and shadow option (frag,nick,vehicle...left,right) on format use <font...color='black code'>{{xxx}}</font> (xxx=name,frags,vehicle...whatever) on shadow use "color": "{{rating}}" (rating=c:r,c:wtr,c:wn8,c:eff...) Just make sure that fields you are trying to modify are actually enabled/added inside "standardFields" (for that panel)
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