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  1. I have to ask again regarding view range information while in game.
  2. Oh, I thought it was avg tier of tanks played. Thx for clarification.
  3. I found the option to check off that shows view range, thank you.
  4. As I am playing along and switching between tanks throughout the evening, it is easy to forget to check my spotting range prior to battle. I know that the circles indicate this but on the map it is hard to determine the number. I am in battles wondering if I am in a tank that is blind or one that has great vision. In a general sense I have a feeling what the View Range is, but it would sure be nice to see the number while in battle.
  5. There once was a mod that enabled you to change the color and thickness of enemy outlines. This was great for me as I am colorblind. The colorblind mode in game is okay but only addresses one type of CB. There are several others not addressed. I can see the blue outline option ok on most maps, but when in a winter map, I see nothing.
  6. Resolved. It turns out that on some clients the latest update messed around with some sliders. For me it was in the graphics tab and 'effects' were set to min. Reset those and all is well.
  7. For the moment I have uninstalled Aslain's jsut to see if it changes.
  8. It is not the biggest problem, just an annoyance. I am curious if anyone else is experiencing this. If so then I will post logs etc.
  9. As the title states, I am seeing everyone's PR and not WN8 in all the panels, ie Preview and in battle, as I wish. Am I missing something easy here?
  10. Damn, I was looking forward to more of your hard work, so that I might sponge a solution.
  11. Thanks or 'tanks'. Having problems with wot - figured out the Polish language change on the forum. Had not seen the 'mirror' choices in the past. My computer security system goes bezerk now when I try to update.

    1. Overdile_Spittle


      Why bezerk?  Are you running windows 10?  If so I can likely help with that.

  12. the changelog is unmanageable to keep up with
  13. I would love to see an option at the bottom of the selection menu, that I could check off to hide all mods I did not select. Upon the next release version, I would only see mods that I had previously selected or new mods that have made it to the installer. Thanks for you time.
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