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  1. "ghosts" is not minimap last-known positions. ghosts are literal representations of the tanks in the game (think of the model of the tank going light or semi-transparent) to show where they are/were so you can still aim at them and shoot. nothing to do with last-known location on the minimap.
  2. as a brief update to this -- if anyone is interested -- i finally played around with it a bit more. and, although i couldn't get the positioning right with the rating square being to the side of the health bar quite right, i did manage to get a square which does the job, and doesn't look so bad. i'll likely play around with it a bit and see how i like it in-game, but here's the first try. so, for anyone interested: edit \res_mods\configs\xvm\Aslain\PP\playersPanel_short.xc , and add the following line in both the sections labeled "extraFieldsLeft" and "extraFieldsRight" (for me, i added them at the end of the sections, just before the empty "{}" lines. {"x": 55, "y": 10 , "bgColor": "{{c:r}}", "h": 5 , "w": "5"}, easy peasy. the results are shown in the attached screenshot. compared to without, as from original post above, i think this is clean and adds a bit of utility without being too distracting.
  3. i sent the log file to you via private message. thanks.
  4. wait - are you saying you want my logs, just to see what i have installed? i'm not having any problem or error with the mod pack right now, just requesting a bit of added feature.
  5. i have recently been trying to remove the "clutter" from my setup, and have been removing info which i realized i've been ignoring for a long time. generally tidying up. to that end, i've started using the "short" player panel, and i choose to not show player names on the panel (if i'm interested in names, a quick touch of the tab key is all i need). i also use the "hp bars: thin" to show hp, but the one thing i've found i'm missing which i wish i had was the player rating showing somehow at a glance in the short player panel. for the OTM i have the option "rating marker, square on hp bar" selected (rather than have another separate star or square icon, i like the compact look of it and it shows everything i need). i'm attaching a couple screenshots below to show how things look now for both the player panel (missing the player rating) and the OTM (having the player rating). i'd like to see as an option to include this small square for rating on the thin hp bar, in a similar fashion as on the OTM. if it's not desired to include on the mod, perhaps someone can help me make the modification? i tried for a while in the config files myself, and ended up only making a mess of it. in any case, i think it's a natural thing to have the similar functionality on the player panel like that as on the OTM... looks good. thanks...
  6. weird -- i tried all the versions again last night, and the only one which worked was #3. another side-note, is that in #03 there is no autoaim+, whereas with #5 and #4 i had autoaim+ enabled. otherwise i changed nothing between the versions. hmm.. i might have to try to install #5 and see if it works with the autoaim+ disabled. ** EDIT ** so... pretty much confirmed that. i installed #5 without autoaim+ and the battle observer shows the tank numbers as expected. then i installed #5 with autoaim+ (i only had the option selected to block shooting at wrecks -- nothing else) and the tank numbers are now missing. so it's apparently some conflict between those two...
  7. interestingly, in the first couple versions of the modpack, this didn't work -- and was missing the tank numbers as above. but then in version #3 of the modpack, it was working. then in #4 and #5 it's broken again. not sure if that helps any...
  8. after installing the initial 9.18 mod pack, i noticed the gold premium tank icons in garage were not working. upon closer investigation, i noticed the presence of a folder "\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\ Common Test" (in addition to the expected ""). contents in that folder appear to be missing tank icons. i copied the contents of the folder from the "common test" to the normal 9.18.0 folder, and now the gold icons work.
  9. for me it seems all engine sounds are gone during the timer countdown. then after the game starts i can hear engine sounds, but something sounds "off" about them... like i'm only hearing some or partial sounds. it's hard to explain. for a while i thought perhaps i was going crazy.
  10. it used to be that there was an option to show the platoon number on the OTM (to right or left side... one of the configurable choices) where it would show a small platoon shield icon with the corresponding platoon number. many versions ago this fell off the options list. is it possible to have this returned?
  11. keep in mind that they just updated the expected values table to include newer tanks (such as the m 41 90) - prior to that, sites (and in-game xvm) used averaged or assumed values for the unknown official numbers which yielded either artificially low or high numbers depending on the source. now that the expected values are out, the various sites are recomputing old battles and either raising or lowering wn8 accordingly. currently mine is a lot higher in-game than on the stats sites, but the stats sites were recalculated and changed, but the in-game has not moved since before the release of the new table. in my case, i expect my in-game to go down eventually after they go back and recompute all old battles for the affected tanks.
  12. i too know that it used to show the frag count and now it does not for some reason. if you need to fix it before an official fix, following is how to quickly change it: 1) in a text editor, navigate to res_mods\configs\xvm\Aslain\PP directory and open up the file named "playersPanel_medium.xc" 2) find lines #8 (fragsFormatLeft) and #9 (fragsFormatRight) and replace the empty "" with "{{frags}}" for both. 3) save. launch tanks. enjoy. as usual, if you're not comfortable using text editor and directly editing config files, don't do this and don't blame me if you break your game.
  13. i know there are more pressing issues with new version chaos, but i'll take the opportunity to re-raise this issue. again, with the new version, this bug exists and with the same behavior as before. interestingly, each time after installing the mod pack it replaces the cache.json with the exact same version. the version it uses is always (for the last several wot versions, as detailed above) the very first version of the cache.json that was present after upgrading to the new version of wot and new modpack installer. to be clear, what i mean is that (as an example) every time after the 9.15 update that i run the installer and select to backup the stats, the stats cache.json file which is replaced after the installer runs is one that is timestamped from yesterday at around 1pm local time. this is the first time after the 9.15 update that i ran and updated the modpack. similarly, for the past couple versions of wot (9.13, 9.14) the same thing happened. the version of the cache file that was replaced always had the date/time of the very first day i ran the new version. i don't know exactly how this installer does what it does, but it would seem that it might be using the same cache dir for each new version (somewhere, i haven't found it) to backup these files, and perhaps there is a permissions issue where it can create it the first time but can't overwrite it so it keeps using the same initial version each and every time? i don't know. but the behavior would seem to indicate something like that. the stats backup USED to work quite well, but now it's been broken for a long time. and since it is replacing the cache file with and old one, it would seem like it's trying to do the right thing, it's just something is slightly broken.
  14. the mod "team hp pool by armagomen" is broken. when it is enabled, it makes it appear as though all tanks never receive damage. damaged and even dead tanks appear alive. when this happens, other hit log mods also seem to not record damage taken. disabling this mod or using alternate team hp mod solves the issue.
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