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  1. Making me log in after how many years! canz I grab Little Nightmares? please and thank you! and if no one wants it Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom been on my wishlist for years that one.
  2. on another note, Italian ships where datamined along with submarines....
  3. Royal Navy is next, I forgot if its DDs or CAs that are after the German BBs. there's posts on reddit linking to the RU talks, with months and orders of stuff.
  4. science


    Agreed, and the odd thing people are getting offended on behalf of people that is the issue... Think the Germans care about Hilter and his Nazi party? I mean come on they made a movie about what if Hitler woke up in modern day Berlin and it was bloody funny as hell.
  5. Depends on your play style. The Atago is not that good if you don't get howto play IJN CAs, you asking for a paddlin =P The Tirpitz is great with her turtle back armour its much more forgiving to mistakes in positioning.
  6. Make sure to check enable picture/sound preview when you load the installer.
  7. So just got Rank 1 and wanted to see how other people felt about their experience in rank. I actually rather enjoyed it, especially compared to season 1 (of which I played very little rank hardly ever games when I tried). The teamwork was actually a thing, especially at 10+ and 5+ it was pretty much the same people most of the time, so you got to kind make friends. I can say the grind was painful at times, but I did not regret it! I added a poll not sure if it worked, and stuff
  8. On the minimap you mean? That's apart of the damage done, last known location and direction on minimap mod.
  9. Yes, but the last mods installed are selected so it makes it easier to know what you tested last.
  10. Using Chrome myself and have not run into this issue, its probably your antivirus live scan/shield blocking it, disable it for the download and install and then re-enable it.
  11. So I've been using the zoom out mod in ship view for quite some time now and do like it. When I saw that there is now two mods for zoom out in all views I was ecstatic, especially for torps view, and I did love it for that. Makes it much easier to launch torps and not run into islands! I personally think the FOV gets a bit too messed up during ship view, but I got used to it, now my issue is when I decided to go grind on my Amagi a bit today. I remembered quite quickly that the crosshair is static (I use Cobra) and does not compensate for the FOV change so you can imagine how f'd I was when I fire off a perfect salvo to a broad sided cruiser at the 8 mark, and it lands somewhere between the 4-6 mark. By the end of the game I slightly adjusted but not enough to want to try and get used to it. So in short to the two authors if we could get a version that zooms out in ship and torps view but not down site/zoomed view, if possible would be lovely! Or a way to manually adjust the FOV in all 3 ourselves. Also being my first post on this forum hi! And also hope this section is correct for this post :S guess this should have gone under requests, but it also is an issue >< Thanks to Aslain and the other modders for your work!
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