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  1. i fixed the issue we are having i believe. There is an option that auto-checks for updates in the client when you select what mods you want its liek the first selection DON'T SELECT IT . It will crash game every time
  2. WOOT IM NOT THE ONLY ONE ANY MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but on on more serious note i can tell you i know it its not jimbos stuff at all cause i have installed by them selves, Jimbos crosshair, Jimbos XMV, And i have the Girls Und Panzer mod for Nonna's voice
  3. ok so i tryed it with less mods on .31 this time and i still got the same result AV was turned off completely and i set it so that i have admin privileges for it
  4. errr now i have to use .31 damn it Aslains lol
  5. ok i deleted that folder ill see if it works now
  6. my video upload is going to take a while so il PM you a link to the vid when its done
  7. il see if i can use my plays tv account that raptor gives you
  8. il try deleting the cashe folder first cause i know the game will run with NPs with out the mod pack il make a vidie for you aslains of every step im taking if that will help you
  9. yes everything was turned off AV was shut off Firewall was turned off and .30 still wont work. and even if i some how get this to work the second aslain's puts up a new .xx the mod stops working anyway
  10. nonetheless its still broken for me and i have no idea why. i have my AV off, i have tried the game without the mods works fine, ran safe mode works fine but with the past two updates it broke somehow, and they were all the same mods
  11. the problem im having is that the game will boot up go to log in screen normaly with NPs at all, but when i press log in the game will "attempt to go to garage for a breife few seconds i hear the games garage sound like its going in then it restards the client back to going to the log in screen when i pres log in again it just out right closes the program _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
  12. Dear aslains for some reason your .24 build isnt working as intended , i have done everything i cna think of to make it work and it doenst work if you ahve any ideas please let me know

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