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  1. Currently the "Show Message results from Previous Battle" never stays checked when you go back to make a change in the mod pack. For example if I go in to just change my "Crosshair" I also have to go to "Show Message results from Previous Battle" and re-check it. Can this be fixed ? / changed ? My apologies if this is the incorrect forum.
  2. That would be great Thank you very much Looking forward to your reply
  3. I have tried several other mod packs and always come back to you (Yours is simply the best!), however I have found 1 mod that be very helpful to me One of the extended crew mods that I ran into (from ProMod) shows the experience required for a crew member to make the next perk in green on the crew list. Is it possible to have this added you your system ?
  4. Hope all is well and your recovery went as smooth and painless as possible
  5. I run the asliains setup and it seems every time I run the setup I have to recheck "Display results from Previous Battle". Am I missing something here?
  6. I have not renamed these files in any way
  7. I use your names.... Have you updated inf installer ? if so when
  8. When I run the Loadinf (v2.5) it generates an error.....see pic #1 on attachement I click on continue but the mods only show to version #24 changes (I loaded the #29 version) see pic #2 on attachement This started with Version #25 I love to use this feature as it allows me to easily try different configurations..... Aslans.pdf
  9. Aslain .. first thank you for your hard work I love your selection of Mods second.. in the #14 update for .17.01 you have the followig: added new option to crosshairs section: Install sights script [read mod description!] Where does one find "mod description" ? Thank You Panzer
  10. Aslains LoadInf.. I love this mod.. it allows me to have several configurations for testing and strip down versions for when upgrades come along. I would be really great that if after the the input is processed a fourth button on the panel would allow you to save the configuration in separate directory. I do it manually now and it takes several steps to go get the updated .inf file , copy to a directory then rename. Would be nice to click on button and give the new file name. (It could be really smart and remember what folder I want to keep the configs in.) Thank you for your efforts.
  11. Thank you all the mod now works great and have choices as welll Pnzr_149
  12. Ok worked on update #33 stopped on #34 or #35 Is there a combination at work here, or did I miss somethng Please advise
  13. I loaded the "up" sound via you #33 update / works / thank you very much and all those that helped check it out as mentioned in the posts above Panzer
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