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  1. Would it be possible to have switch to have the Mod Pack run without the input panels. Over the last 6 Months I have tracked the number of times I run the Mod Pack / minimum of once per update i.e. 15.1.1 to 15.1.2 Most of the time I make zero changes, only run to keep current and bring in the most current xvm release. So if you could run the modpack with a switch xxxxx.exe /r for example it would just run and not stop at mod selection yet allow for updating currently selected mods and xvm
  2. Thank you very much.... Just blind and old age... Thank you for your hard work and paitnence Pnzr_149
  3. Somehow I can not find the TD Handbrake remover. Does it still exist or am I just blind Please advise Thank you
  4. Currently the "Show Message results from Previous Battle" never stays checked when you go back to make a change in the mod pack. For example if I go in to just change my "Crosshair" I also have to go to "Show Message results from Previous Battle" and re-check it. Can this be fixed ? / changed ? My apologies if this is the incorrect forum.
  5. That would be great Thank you very much Looking forward to your reply
  6. I have tried several other mod packs and always come back to you (Yours is simply the best!), however I have found 1 mod that be very helpful to me One of the extended crew mods that I ran into (from ProMod) shows the experience required for a crew member to make the next perk in green on the crew list. Is it possible to have this added you your system ?
  7. Hope all is well and your recovery went as smooth and painless as possible
  8. I run the asliains setup and it seems every time I run the setup I have to recheck "Display results from Previous Battle". Am I missing something here?
  9. I have not renamed these files in any way
  10. I use your names.... Have you updated inf installer ? if so when
  11. When I run the Loadinf (v2.5) it generates an error.....see pic #1 on attachement I click on continue but the mods only show to version #24 changes (I loaded the #29 version) see pic #2 on attachement This started with Version #25 I love to use this feature as it allows me to easily try different configurations..... Aslans.pdf
  12. Aslain .. first thank you for your hard work I love your selection of Mods second.. in the #14 update for .17.01 you have the followig: added new option to crosshairs section: Install sights script [read mod description!] Where does one find "mod description" ? Thank You Panzer
  13. Aslains LoadInf.. I love this mod.. it allows me to have several configurations for testing and strip down versions for when upgrades come along. I would be really great that if after the the input is processed a fourth button on the panel would allow you to save the configuration in separate directory. I do it manually now and it takes several steps to go get the updated .inf file , copy to a directory then rename. Would be nice to click on button and give the new file name. (It could be really smart and remember what folder I want to keep the configs in.) Thank you for your efforts.
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