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  1. had same issue, not seeing my flag... or my Beta emblem.. but with the mod out i can see my emblem.. still working at it
  2. is there a editor or something that i can choose what i can sub the items for?
  3. so where at is this folder that i can make these changes?? i am pretty new to this.. still wondering how you learned all this stuff! must have took alot of time
  4. is that something i can change myself??
  5. its called untick and i found a 16 x 16 red x in my file. nope that wasn't it! see the red x, can i get a tank in place of that?
  6. up at the top they have a X or i have seen a Ghost icon, and once i saw a tank icon next to the killed vehicle. thats what i am looking for. i have changed my Sixth Sense icon ok, would that be the same way of doing it to a killed tank?? i just like seeing a icon when i have killed a tank. easier to keep track.
  7. i have seen in some videos a icon on your damage panel showing a destroyed tank. how do you add that on? the list shows the tanks you have hit and killed. of course i have updated your mod and i am using XVM. just a noob at doing this.
  8. i uninstalled it and then reinstalled and it works great. Sorry i didn't to this post earlier.
  9. when i hit "details" in the garage it shows "gathering information" i have to restart game from desktop to get this off the game. it freezes up in garage. i am running XVM and aslains mod. been having this issue more recently.. Been using aslain mod for quite awhile though with no issues like this. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  10. thanks the info everyone! it seems to be working good now!
  11. when in the garage i hit exit game, the screen freezes. Then i have to go hit tsk mgr and try to exit then but it doesn't show the game on there? i then try my wot short cut and it says-->Warning, application " world of tanks " is started.. i have your newest mod installed also now i have to go restart my pc.
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