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  1. I know this isn't your Number 1 Priority, but this is still going on....I sent pictures above and Logs...It happens, I noticed in game, to British Vehicles too...(I don't have any Marked British) but I have seen it on British Vehicles while in Game...
  2. No problems after I removed the Info Panel for BOTH Izeberg and Oldskool
  3. Changed from Oldskool to Izeberg. Game ended but I was left with this screen I will now try with No Izeberg or Oldskool Info Panels...
  4. I have same issue after EVERY game. I just keep Task Manager up and kill the Process there...
  5. It can't be shown as a screen shot. I'd have to download a Replay and you'd have to watch it until xx:xx then you would see it....
  6. Background: I have been running pretty much the same Mods for a LONG time. And this has been happening forever... Problem: When I am next to a Rock, Building, etc. the Game keeps changing my view from Sniper to Above Behind me, Above Next to me, etc. So say I'm next to a building and try to zoom in to shoot. Suddenly I'm looking down on my tank from the Building. I have to Fight and Fight to get it to zoom in, it keeps wanting to change my Perspective. I don't know if it is the Zoom Mod or the Game has 'Triggers' attached to Rocks, Buildings, etc that change the view perspective (Camera) thus losing opportunities to shoot.
  7. I know it use to exist, but I'm looking for exactly where in the Mod pack install I can find the MOD that shows a (eye ball, light bulb etc) next to MY TEAMS TANKS. I have the one that shows spotted ENEMIES next to the names on the RIGHT HAND side of the screen (NOT MINIMAP), I want spotted ALLIES.....
  8. Still shows BOTH French and British Flags on the Barrel of my French tanks with a Mark of Excellence or 2 Marks of Excellence
  9. I know how to do screenshots, but not Logs. Here is the screenshot.
  10. You have fixed the Background and I LOVE the emblems for each nation. BUT My French Marks show with BOTH the French Flag and the British Flag....???
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