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  1. Still shows BOTH French and British Flags on the Barrel of my French tanks with a Mark of Excellence or 2 Marks of Excellence
  2. here they are... Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  3. I know how to do screenshots, but not Logs. Here is the screenshot.
  4. You have fixed the Background and I LOVE the emblems for each nation. BUT My French Marks show with BOTH the French Flag and the British Flag....???
  5. I do not get ANY Background on V4 or V5.
  6. I tried BOTH new additions, V4 and V5. They are almost IDENTICAL. the Only Difference is the German Marks. Here are the Marks for V4 and V5: American: White Star with Black Border - V4 and V5 German: Little White Stripes V4 - Black and White Stripes like you have with the 'Top Gun' for the tank V5 France: White Stripe V4 and V5 China: Red Star with Gold Border - V4 and V5 Russia: Red Star with Black and White Border - V4 and V5 Those are the Only tanks I have Marks of Excellence in to check..... EXCEPT for the Germans, I do not see the REASON for the V5.....its Identical to V4.
  7. NOONE would like to see 'Iron Crosses' on the German Tanks for their Marks of Excellence???
  8. Thank you Sir...I will try that the next time I'm in game, probably Tomorrow.
  9. I read your description in the setup, BUT when I press the esc key in the Garage it only brings up the Wargaming Menu of Exit Game, Settings, Boot camp, etc. There are NO drop downs for me. What KEY is the Hotkey?
  10. In the past the Marks of Excellence Extended worked for me (months ago). It would show the following: Current MOE % Damage for Current MOE Next Percent and Damage Needed MOE in Battle Indicator light Purple, red or Green Current Damage In a box during the game. Now I only get the Following: Current MOE % MOE in Battle Setup says that you can change the Settings in the Garage, but I cannot figure out how to.... I want the FULL Version showing at all times.... Help
  11. Has Anyone ever see this issue: In Garage Chat: As you type, every time you type the letter "a", EVERYTHING that you just typed gets erased? I saw it before but 'it fixed itself somehow'......
  12. I Love all the work that you do for us, but I'm really disappointed that on the only 2 days this month that I can play (yesterday and today)(I'm a Contractor and Busy this time of year) there are no Mod Packs. Couldn't you at least give NA a Mod Pack or work around? What is the reason for the wait? You already break the Downloads into Servers. Its a waste of time to play Vanilla!!!!!
  13. Thanks for the reply...I do not know much about the mods. I only know it does not work like it 'use to'. Thanks again
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