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  1. Just FYI, you can simply Copy Paste the entire WoT folder to another location and avoid the download, if you get a fresh install, thats one way of saving a backup. Depending on your internet speed, that maybe faster.
  2. I tried this and Hangman returned my garage to the forest! Thanks
  3. I didnt mind this the first day (each year), but it is annoying after that. I want to maintain the other game sounds, so I really don't want to turn off anything else. Is there a way to stop these garage sounds?
  4. A couple guys in my Clan had this same issue and Discord was the problem
  5. I found it. There is a second res_mods folder that was created inside the original res-mods folder. I dont know why this happened, but copy paste the contents to the first folder fixed it. Thank you both for the time spent answering my question. all appears right with the world now.
  6. I have tried several different versions several different times, even went as far as re-installing WoT fresh, still no part of the pack appears in game. When installing, Im met with this warning even though I verified the file location. _Aslain_logs_python.zip
  7. I had this issue as well, but a couple days ago the client has me right back to no shift + mouse cursor preventing me from map ping or any chat. So, what Im saying is, it was working, and now its broke again.
  8. as much as I would like everything to work, I know it will take some time. The biggest problem for me happens while in battle, with no curser available, so no chatting, no joining platoon in battle, and worse, no Esc key function. Is this a known issue with a current fix?
  9. SGarv

    team icons

    well thank you. I did look in there, but didnt see that. your very gracious to answer helpfully after using Aslains packs for some little while now, Im glad i donated already
  10. I did some looking for the answer before posting this request. I appreciate any helpful response. I dont know how to remove the default tier indicator that is obscuring the modpack icons. Thanks
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