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  1. In the best of my knowledge, Aslan's modpack only include mods that are approved and/or in compliance with wargaming legal terms & conditions. But that aside, those who try to blame their in-game incompetence on players from the opposing team, whining that their skill & performance must have been enhanced by a bunch of magic mods just proves their own ignorance and lack of understanding on gameplay mechanics and strategies.
  2. Hi Blue, thank you for the reply with advices and instructions I was about to upload the log files but noticed there was a new version of Aslan's modpack released today so I installed to test that out first and selected mods are working again. Please be advised that Crosshairs - Krab crosshairs doesn't seem to be compatible after today's game maint. update anymore. The modpack seem to crash instantly if selected. Personally I felt that the v2 from Krab's bundle worked best for my computer resolution & aspect ratio settings as it had a way of forcing its predefined scales and not readjust as per game settings.. but in any case I am happy that the fog remover works now and I still prefer my modpack tracer over the one introduced in-game recently Thanks again.
  3. Hi and Good Morning, So I just updated the WoW game client to Version then uninstalled/reinstalled the Mod Pack as usual for my selected mods to work again but none of them are anymore.. done it twice now and have run the game file checker too with no success. My selected Mods are as follows: Crosshairs - Krab crosshairs Consumable Icons - Golden Premium Consumable Icons Tracers - Colored Tracers by Butterkeks Various Mods - Fog Remover (by MajorRenegade) < I could probably live without the rest but I refuse to continue playing the game altogether if I cant get this one back lol In any case, assistance with my issue would be highly appreciated and ty in advance
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