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  1. look at mod Smart Ammunition in Protanki modpack
  2. whoa... can i get this version of melty? is so cute
  3. wow, i missed the biggest update, ty, great work. there is any chance to see aim circle too ? with pen values
  4. absolutely correct ty this thing about i write is realised in Crosshair "Mjölnir", here's cource files http://wwiihwa.dd3-pics.eu/index.php?action=list&dir=Mods%2F[source]+KT+Crosshairs&order=name&srt=no MjolnirSettings.xml ARCADE SCOPE <LiveTimerRound>1</LiveTimerRound> <!-- Round after .(dot) for live timer 1 = no dot, 10 = 1, 100 = 2. tags: 1, 10, 100, ... --> if it will help, I'll be happy
  5. pls change reload time format from integer to real, with decimals
  6. when playing SPG - got this stuff in log http://pastebin.com/NsDD0MJa
  7. a very bad bad news from Public Test of Version 9.15.1: Battle interface is now written in Action Script 3. this mean all flash mods (crosshairs, damage panels ...etc ) from current game version will be broken guys enjoy with this mod - now, nobody knows when it will be more
  8. little bug with reload timer position in arcade mode on ground and on target -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- pls center PenValues and angle now this in left side not in center -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- and pls explain what means colors of PenValues : blue purple and dar
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