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  1. Same here. Been using Aslains modpack for years now without problems and have ~4000 games under my belt. I do have reshade on my computer, but I don't use it with World of Warships... I use it in Diablo 3 to make the game look more grim.
  2. Sorry about that I didn't see Aslain's post. Yes I am asking for other country's captains rank to be the same as the Americans. However, I would rather see the captains rank be displayed as a number on the portrait. So rank 1 for an Ensign, then 2, 3, 4, 5, all the way to 20 for a Fleet Admiral. Level USA Japan USSR UK Germany Poland Pan Asia 1 Ensign Kaigun Shōi Kōhosei Mladshiy Leytnant Warrant Officer Leutnant zur See Podporucznik Marynarki Shao Wei 2 - 3 Lieutenant Junior Grade Kaigun Shōi Leytenant Sub-Lieutenant Oberleutnant zur See Porucznik Marynarki Zhong Wei 4 - 5 Lieutenant Kaigun Chūi Starshiy Leytenant Lieutenant Kapitänleutnant Kapitan Marynarki Shang Wei 6 - 7 Lieutenant Commander Kaigun Daii Kapitan-Leytenant Lieutenant Commander Korvettenkapitän Komandor Podporucznik Shao Xiao 8 - 9 Commander Kaigun Shōsa Kapitan 3 Ranga Commander Fregattenkapitän Komandor Porucznik Zhong Xiao 10 - 11 Captain Kaigun Chūsa Kapitan 2 Ranga Captain Kapitän zur See Komandor Shang Xiao 12 - 13 Commodore Kaigun Daisa Kapitan 1 Ranga Commodore Konteradmiral Kontradmirał Dao Xiao 14 - 15 Rear Admiral Kaigun Shōshō Kontr-Admiral Rear Admiral Vizeadmiral Wiceadmirał Shao Jiang 16 - 17 Vice Admiral Kaigun Chūjo Wize-Admiral Vice Admiral Admiral Admirał Floty Zhong Jiang 18 - 19 Admiral Kaigun Taisho Admiral Admiral Generaladmiral Admirał Shang Jiang 20 Fleet Admiral Gensui Admiral Flota Admiral of the Fleet Großadmiral I have attached a screenshot of what I'm hoping for!
  3. Hi! I have been a long time supporter of the Aslains mod pack. I did a quick search and couldn't find a particular type of mod that I've been wanting. I can read and understand the USA ship captain ranks, but I find the rank system annoying for every other country / foreign ships. What the F*** is a "Kaigun Shoza".... or an "Oberleutnant zur See" . Could someone from the community look into making a mod to rank commanders from 1-20 over their portrait, or allow all of the captain ranks to be in English (or other languages) regardless of country? I apologize if this has already been requested but I don't see a thread about it on the first page and a quick search revealed nothing. Thank you!!!!!! ~WhskyTangoFxtrot
  4. I posted in the wrong subforum. Please delete this post.
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