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  1. i was wondering if ill need to condense it, or if anyone could add it to -DZ- clan? TY in advance (it was ment under the NA clan tag mod)
  2. i was wondering if @Aslain can implement it for us into his modpack? i appreciate it! thank you!
  3. hello, im Submarine_M1 from the NA server, used to be known as faulsamuel4 (had to change it for personal reasons) i was hoping to learn how to mod some national flags so i can make my icon the flag for all nations ;-) (it is the Templar Kingdom of Antarctica, if u were wondering ;-) i made the flag on both kerbal and on wallpaper engine)
  4. i was wondering if any1 can make this flag, with or without the fringe, into a mod? i appreciate it, ty! also, here was my idea of the fringe-
  5. I'm not sure, but this is from 2016, and I think it is from the official mod pack from WG...
  6. i figured that there is a mod that i liked, but the mod that was with us no more is similar to the arp hit effects everywhere, but it is an orb, rather then a trail, so i figured if you can make a mod that has the hit effects like that, but with options like red, green, and black and white, rather then just blue, or pink.....ill be most grateful....ty! -Submarine_M1 <0
  7. i was hoping to get the icons based from the movie 'battleship' for detection by sea, air, and surveillance radar/ hydroponics ..... can we have this, please ? ty!
  8. i use an Xbox 360 controller for wows, is it possible if u can make a mod were one can add a file from controller companion (a program that i use) and makes it easier to use the controller? this is my config file using that program...ty in advance ^.^ (also if u can make the 1-0 buttons 2 work on the chatpad, then i can play cvs on a 360 controller...) WoWS controls.ccp
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