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  1. Advice, always turn off antivirus when installing mod pack....for e.g. I have 360 Total Security and if I do not turn it off when installing mod pack, it not going to work properly.
  2. Yes, Aslain you were right! I apologize to you for my ignorance! There was a cheat inside, so I've uninstalled the game and install fresh new and then I've installed your mod pack and now everything works fine now. Only one bad thing now came up, that hideous Wargaming Game Center, I have lost my old launcher. Long story short... When you lay down with the kids you wake up wet... Lesson: Never allow or let your kid to play on your computer or with your account. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  3. I install modpacks as I do it so far for years in C:\Games\World_of_Tanks, launch the game and realize that mods are not working....nothing, nothing at all. I have done integrity check, I have done Recommended options still not working...but the game itself working properly... Really don't know what is the issue here Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  4. Hi ppl! Can someone convert me these files into mp3 or wav? I would like to use them for my 6th sense sound. Thank you in advance! jinglesvoicemod.rar
  5. @bubs79 all in all it seems that win10 become something like when you pair shit zhu with a buldog...bullshit... lol there's no win like win7 ultimate
  6. Hi ppl! I have to share with you guys my point of view of 6th sense warning. Maybe someone already notices this... It seems that with every new patch 6th sense works slower. let me elaborate... When you are spotted 6th sense go on, but at numerous occasion happened that I was hit first then after 1-2 seconds 6th sense bulb goes on and warns me that I was spotted (I know now I'm spotted if I was hit) Don't know is this have something to do with installed mods or with the patches or it's a bug!? And I know that 6th sense has 3 seconds delay, but it doesn't work properly. I'm not the only one with this problem, and sure not the only one complaining about it. Even some ppl wrote tickets to wargaming support and answer was always "remove any mods you may have installed" What is your opinion? Tnx....
  7. Update...version 39 working...no problem with crashing to desktop...
  8. it seems like it...really don't know...but like I said when I check that box game crash....I'll try again later and let you know...must go now...have some things to attend to
  9. don't know Aslain...after I read your post I tried one more time...run mod client, check the box "Display damage counters over damage panel" and again game crashes to desktop. Then again I uncheck the box and game start normally...
  10. well, the game is working now....I have installed mods few times and went with the system of elimination the newest mods I have checked and after I unchecked and checked boxes of the newest mods I unchecked mod in Other XVM Settings>>Display damage counters over damage panel...and start the game...voila game is working....not sure is this causing the problem but the game is working now no crashes....I guess we have to wait for Aslain answer....
  11. no, I don't have...I never check that...
  12. [email protected] don't know what do you mean??? this's latest version!
  13. removed HangMan the game still won't start... _Aslain_logs.zip _Aslain_logs.zip.tmp _Aslain_logs.zip.tmp1 _Aslains_Installer.log python.log
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