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    chat mod issue

    this is for chat mod v3 while dragging and adjusting size of the chat box while in game, i think i accidentally un-ticked the "active chat" box, and now the chat box is fixed in place in game and i cannot click on the cog wheel to reopen the settings box or move the box to anchor elsewhere on screen. is it possible to reset the mod "chat settings v3" so i can again move and adjust it? I tried reloading all my mods without the chat setting one, then the regular chat box appears in game. But when i then re-added the chat settings mod and loaded all mods again, it appeared as before and locked in position and unable to open the settings and it did not reset. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip

    newest download not showing in game

    kk..will d/l it now...cheers
  3. i downloaded the latest pack and used same mods as b4 and when in a game nothing shows as below:- no crosshairs, ships, speed, side panels... Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip it actually got me a misconduct as i had to crash the game as couldn't play.

    broken mod -- not displaying in game

    it used 2..havent changed my selection in last few patches..i just update and install without checking any new boxes i reinstalll and change to v1 then..thks forr answering

    broken mod -- not displaying in game

    file attached and yes i have the show team line up box checked Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip screenshots attached to show no panels and box ticked
  6. hi there, i just updated and been using same mod for a while now so i know it usuallly works. under player panel mods -- the side panels by BADoBEST v1 is not displaying when in game. no panel displays at all on screen and it shows blank.
  7. As the title suggests could a crosshair be designed where the time to target and range numbers be enlarged or coloured so they are more easilyt read? It would help with snap shots if u could more easily see the range number/time to target to line yre shot up. for consideration. cheers
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