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  1. Same here Aslain, please check witch mod is causing the problem! Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  2. RiiidzhA

    Game video performance issues.

    Same here...
  3. RiiidzhA

    didn't work new notifications

    I dont use OTM... Still did not work...
  4. RiiidzhA

    didn't work new notifications

    Same here - any solution?
  5. RiiidzhA

    My 6th sence is working, randomly

    Ok, thanks, will try reinstal game.
  6. RiiidzhA

    My 6th sence is working, randomly

    Have You checked my Wot.logs? Is there everything ok?
  7. RiiidzhA

    My 6th sence is working, randomly

    Any solution please? Aslain?
  8. My 6th sence is not working, it works some times, some not - randomly - few times its ok, today was playing and there was no 6th sence (no picture, no sound) What may cause the problem? Reinstalling modpack wont help. (After reinstall - there is 6th sence in some, maybe 5 battles and then disapear) Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  9. RiiidzhA

    Low FPS with 9.17 modpacks

    Same here, have to restart the game after 10 battles, then its ok.
  10. RiiidzhA

    Low FPS with 9.17 modpacks

    Anyone still have FPS drop? In 9.16 i have no problems( FPS 60-90), but in 9.17 i installed excatly the same mods and i have FPS 45-65 (dependig on what map is playing) Without mods FPS 70-100
  11. Ok, now its not working... Where can i choose ''Team HP Bar by Armagomen'' ? _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
  12. RiiidzhA

    Stock over marker target

    Hi everyone, sorry if same topic exists but how can i instal modpack with STOCK vechile markers but only add Low HP mark - see in picture I try to uncheck all other settings, but this wont help. 1 - is it possible to Instal stock marker with low hp mark with this modpack? 2 - i dont like those Floating damage values witch comes up on the top of marker ( stock they comes out in right side ) - so maybe there is chance to instal custom markers with stock floating damage? i know this is part of XVM but i dont understand how to edit it... Thanks for the asnwers!
  13. RiiidzhA

    Achievments in battle

    Very nice mod - please add to modpack! http://wotsite.net/mody-dlya-world-of-tanks/12224-mod-medali-i-nagrady-vo-vremya-boya-dlya-wot.html
  14. RiiidzhA

    Marker - dont show tier level

    Thanks, Low HP mark is working fine, no problems with that
  15. Hi, can you help me please, i follow all instructions to installing mod, turn off antivirus, reset game settings and instal with cleaning res_mods folder.. In vechile marker it do not shows tier number and HP level in % it shows in wrong side (it shows in left side where used to be tier number... Can anyone help? XVM activated. ( i hope i did everything right - i am newby in this game ) Here are 2 screenshots... Sorry for my bad english please
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