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  1. Mini Map extended mod stops the mini map from showing an enemy ship as selected (put circle around it) on mini map when that ship is selected in game.
  2. No change notification list shown. Normally you list why the new mode was needed. Thanks for all your great work.
  3. I was using the siren warning sound for torpedoes then tried the Jaws ones but as of now none seem to be working. Did something change as far as how to activate them? Thanks in advance.
  4. After loading 6.1.0 and starting game all screen items placed in upper left corner. I corrected problem by running the install again but this time I unchecking ALL items. Started the game at that point and all was normal. I then reran the 6.1.0 again with what I wanted checked. Maybe something not included in prior build was still in system. I noticed that the player panel selection I picked used to give detection icon and distance as first setting and now it shows ship speed. I can't remember the name bit it had 3 options but now has only 2. Thanks for the speedy build. :).
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