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  1. I also had the "no esc key in game" issue.. Resolved it by removing Team HP mod by Armogomen. Seems to be buggy still.
  2. That is a different issue.. http://aslain.com/index.php?/topic/5866-freezing-up-leaving-battle-going-to-garage/ Solution (For now, until XVM fix it). Go to http://www.modxvm.com/ -> Settings -> and untick XMQP (exchange data with allies) Source:http://www.modxvm.com/en/
  3. Well well.. 9.15.05 fixed it for me
  4. Modpack v.9.15.04 Happened to me as well. in two different games. One crash and insta reload, in each game and on top of that a LOT of CTD events.. I think it was like 4-6 times the games crashed. Only using mods present in Aslains. Guess I have to go back to 9.15.03 _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
  5. Double post due to laggy site. Ignore.
  6. the attached screenshot shows, the last choices in the modpack. The option with arrow, was the culprit for me. Removing that, made the game run.
  7. @TheBlueScreenOfDeath Thank you. Problem solved.
  8. When loading into garage, it gets stuck at synchronizing discounts.. Left it running for 30 minutes. No change. Something is preventing the game from loading properly. _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
  9. Removed. Made own topic. Ignore post.
  10. I had to give up on Lamps. Broken equipment and crew members wounded occasionally do not show. So I really could not tell what to repair.. Just that something was "off".. So sad to see zayaz die.. It was really exactly what I wanted.
  11. I have gotten used to these lightbulbs. Hidden Lost On Map Putting them forward, in case you (or others) like them and it is possible to add them with little effort. Attached the mod I have them in to install using the installer. In Playerspanel.xc, I do this after an install If They get in, awesome. If not, I will live ;)
  12. I tried everything.. Including deleting cache.. Only option that helped me, was reinstall. If you figure it out, please do let us know what it was.
  13. I had that same issue.. I reinstalled the game.. From scratch.. No more issues...
  14. Feedback. I must have broken something at some point, because after uninstall / new install of wot + install of your mod, we are back on track.. Thanks again.
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