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  1. Just an update the image in the carousel changes as i change icon settings in hakabase's (v3) icons in game. Hopefully that helps tracking down the issue.
  2. i am having the issue as well with the extended carousel where i am not getting the filters nor the better ship icons. Perhaps it is installing the files in the wrong location? My carousel looks the same whether the mod is installed or not. As you can see the primary selection and all the consumable filters are missing as well.
  3. it is the better icon for ship carousel that is causing it. I removed it and reinstalled and i have ships again.
  4. It appears the extended tech tree is causing an error that leaves the captain images blocked so you cannot assign captains to ships,
  5. It is really necessary to post every time there is a patch. I am pretty sure Aslain is well aware. Btw thanks Aslain for all the hard work.
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