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  1. since WG came out with the 9.17 update I have tried every version of your mod pack after installing when trying to launch the game from the launcher .... i get the black screen of death the black screen of death goes away after I uninstall your mod pack here is the files you want as per how to report a bug thanks LMM _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
  2. this is the same as well on the NA server http://worldoftanks.com/en/news/pc-browser/17/forbidden-mods/
  3. its not just you i had the same pop up as well as others
  4. hey aslain sir love your mod pack been using for a long time now encountered this error not sure why sir can you help me thanks LMM
  5. can confirm it is fixed Next issue for me is i lost my ingame general chat box now after the lastest aslains patch anyone else get that or is it just me
  6. sorry to bother you sir aslain but i had this in my game after i just installed the first update after the 9.10 patch came out
  7. Cant wait for aslains to be uploaded hate playing vannilla

  8. re installed world of tanks put in version 12 seems to work now aslain thanks for all you do for the World of tanks comunity
  9. re installing world of tanks to see if it fixes the issue will update
  10. as per your request here they are i am sorry i am being a bother still new to mod packs and information needed LMM _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
  11. Hi aslain my clan thanks you for all your hard work This is my Dilema now i get this error code everytime i try to install the Latest Version of aslains #11 version i have attached the error message to this post I thank you in advance for your help in this issue Sincerely Lostmymarbles
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