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  1. The Windows Defender is causing this crash, but it's the first time I have this problem.
  2. I have problems too. The modifications list is empty.
  3. Here are my logs, I have the same problem, SD Client. The button appear in garage on right bottom corner, but don't work... _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
  4. Hi. My game is in portuguese, today I installed last version of aslain modpack and the language of all game changed to english...
  5. I only posted a suggestion, and you make a joke...ok!
  6. And with less options Aslain have less lines of code to verify, he can fix the problems in less time, it takes less time to upload for servers, .... And yes the preview images and sounds are about 40MB, 40% of installer: http://s1.postimg.org/hpdltyc27/Sem_T_tulo.jpg It's only a suggestion. And you have 2 options: - use 2 different .exe with/without previews - verify what options are really necessary on MOD, and remove the others.
  7. I know the options are DLC, but for example you have 30-40 preview images for icons, and the preview images are in the installer. I wrote about icons only because they are the first part of MOD, and only as an example.
  8. This is only a simple suggestion. I think the mod is too big at this moment (104 MB), when I started to use Aslain Mod Pack the size was about 20-30MB. Why you don't review what options are necessary and what options you should remove? Because if you include MOD A for 2 persons, MOD B for 3 persons, MOD C for 1 person, you will have a lot of options and it increases the size of file. For example you have 44 options for icons tanks. It is really important have 44 options? Maybe 90% of people use 2 ou 3 of that options. For example I allways use the default icon. Why you include loretai's modpack if it will replace all or your XVM options? If a person want the Loretais modpack he should download and install the loretai's modepack, not the aslain modpack. If you continue to include all requests in a year the mod pack will increase to 200-300MB. It's only a suggestion.
  9. With safe shoot I have this problem, without safe shoot the problem disappear.
  10. I have this problem too. Don't know if is a problem of mods or game. This issue occured when playing with arty
  11. The problem of visual efects is the Damage Announcer. Without it, the visual efects work ok
  12. With mods installed I can't see efects of shoots (ricochets, penetrations, etc). Without mods it works ok. The other problem is that I choose XVM damage Log with only 1 line and it show all lines of shoots. Just reporting, take your time! :) _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
  13. Hi! I found 2 errors in new version installer. - First is when I try to select "auto aim" the installer crash. - The second is in garage mod, the link from bat cave and hangar miku (on description) is the same http://pkwot.blogspot.pt/2014/06/91-bat-cave-hangar.html
  14. Now is working fine and I didn t change anything...WG Bugs!
  15. Here they are _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
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