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  1. Having multiple & random crashes while in battle, get kicked back to deasktop game won't run until I run WOT check and repair then restart, but then a few battles later I crash again and the process repeats. this happens with or without modpack installed. Have sent ticket into wg with Python error log to WG as they are now giving me strikes for leaving battle before it's finished. Anyone having similar problems? Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  2. Updated to 1.8 installed mod pack game will launch says connecting but never gets any farther. In regular mode or safe mode. Have reinstalled both mudpack and game still have same issue, Also deactivated firewall still no dice. Thanks! Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  3. Here we go again! I unchecked all U.K. skins as requested, game ran fine. Updated to 06 and crash. Went and unchecked ALL U.K. skins again still won't load. Edit, I unchecked ALL skins game runs fine now. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  4. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip Installed 04 game won't load at all. here are the logs. Thanks!
  5. I crash to desktop after installing 04. game won't even load for me.
  6. Thanks for all you do. I had reinstalled without any tank skins and game ran fine. Ver 2 is up so I'll install that and see how it goes. Thanks again and if your a dad happy fathers day!
  7. Downloaded mudpack installed fine started game instant crash back to desktop. Uninstalled mudpack and WOT client started with fresh install of game client re downloaded mudpack from different link still have same problem. Game runs fine in safe mode and also if I uninstall mudpack. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  8. Hello! Where can I find the listing for all the music within this mod? I.E. track list? thanks in advance
  9. ok thanks! I was hoping to find it all and add it into my iTunes. If its only from those 5 albums shouldn't be to hard to find.
  10. There was a new music mod put in the mudpack can anyone tell me a track listing and album titles? thanks in advance!
  11. So the 4 tanks in your example are all of the base model in the game and you can pick only one skin at a time, is this correct?
  12. here you go. i also tried reinstalling without using any of the skins leaving them all unchecked and still get errors. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  13. Can someone please tell me what these errors mean, and how to get rid of them? please see screenshots thanks!
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