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  1. Still happends and no aNSwer...Aslain, is it mod or game? I'm not accusing you, I just want to know what cause the bug.
  2. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip Sometimes I don't have credits and that is ok, but this is happends when I have credits for repair and all...
  3. Still get this problem with automatic repair and ammo...is it mod or...?
  4. Vule777


    Not even color change? Or 2 colors, grey and white one after another, or frame around each separate mod, or bold line, space and bold (bigger) name of mod...just to be easier to find what we need. For example:
  5. As I see in video your minimap is reduced to minimum, can you make it larger and try then?
  6. Vule777


    I must suggest if its possible, that you make installer with search...or with drop down menu of major mods in installer. Sometimes I can't find some mode to check and looking 1 hour, I don't see it, or I scroll down, so Im searching like a fool. Or something that will be easier to find our favorites mods because there is so many of them. Is that possible?
  7. lol And again, MAYBE, its in conflict with standard vanilla options. I can only guess, so maybe if you activate all that in mod it would work.
  8. I didn't know about that command, it's very helpful, thanks. Btw, it's all ok in my game, it always show the right spot. Maybe you can try to reinstall mod but old one to completely erase with mod cleaner, clean all cashe, logs...etc.
  9. Its not Aslains fault of course, every now and then some mod, that isn't Aslains, wasn't update on time after game update and then we have crashes, bugs..etc. I see that some people don't have anything better to do so they insult and threat to someone that have nothing to do with something...I bet that this guys are the same one that wish us cancer in game... Sry for off topic but I just saw couple idiotic posts.
  10. With new mod update this is ok but there is another problem, it wont automatically repair and add ammo after game. After every game i must manual repair and buy ammo.
  11. Vule777

    Thanks Aslain

    I just saw that you mentioned me in new update and said "Historical tankmans (Vule777)", but just to be clear that this mod is not originally mine. Ok, I update it couple times but first of all all credits goes to guy who made that mod first. As long as mod matters, OMFwotG...this Italians, first was about 10-15 of them, now there is 22 male and 23 FEMALE Italian tankers..TWENTY THREE freaking female Italians...aaaaaaaaa, i serched Google, Bing, Yahoo, and where not and again I had to cheat and put who knows which female warriors from WW2.
  12. You want to see sky cancer with 0% hits and 2 kills? You want to ban me... 20180619_1426_usa-A88_M53_55_31_airfield.wotreplay
  13. I don't know is this related with XVM or mods at all, but if someone have the same issue I would like to know how to fix it. After game I have blank hit summary, but after I click on details and then go back, its all normal. Anyone, Aslain? Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  14. Hi all, it's all started with this retarded football mode. Try to disable mode in lower left corner, it worked for me so far.
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