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  1. got it working, while I was doing that log. Deleted everything and after installed aslain again, it started to work.
  2. does anyone else have this same problem? I cant get those bars to show with alt key
  3. is there problem in xvm ?, I cant get my hp bars to show in playerspanel with alt command? I tested with my own xvm config and Aslains config. Image here to show what bar I mean.
  4. do you have this kind of outlines if some tree branches are between you and enemy tanks. The outline seems not solid, it looks kind messy and ygly. I dont know if this is how it should be or not. Or maybe some other mod is causing this. I asked my clan mates, they said they dont have anything like this? this is the place where that enemy tank was driving, he was on that hole between rock. here is another example , own team mate outlines . The outline is not solid.
  5. does anyone know why minimap starts smaller size in grand battles than in normal battles? this is surely xvm related thing. There is one change a month ago in xmv xpm/battle, xvm/BattleGlobalData: fix minimap in epic battle Ktulho authored 1 month ago not sure if this is related to this problem . Is there some setting somewhere in configs?
  6. version , with colored minimap coordinates 1_14.1.4.zip
  7. do you use XVM damage indicator or made with xvm py macro ? it has some problem
  8. Overwolf support said they are working to fix this problem, apparently they found something.
  9. I m having conversation with Overwolf support at the moment , because game crashes at start (when click connect) , using older legacy version of overwolf doesnt crash game. They said some mod is maybe causing it. Im trying to investigate what mod is causing this. If you disable overlays (or mods) it doesnt crash. This crashing started before this latest wot update, and was not fixed when Overwolf got updated while ago. The teamspeak overlay was also having some problems to launch but it was somehow fixed with Overwolf 0.176, but that crashing was not fixed. If anyone has information what mod maybe causing this crash, let me know.
  10. I can confirm this same . After reading this noticed same thing left side bar was short from left in 2 tanks. Next 4 games ok. Seems weird. I use both bars game and xvm same time at the moment just for testing..Ill take maybe games own away , because they dont show exact hp anyway.
  11. thanks, I managed to do that. Find the thread from xvm forum.-
  12. Im quite used to edit xvm files etc . Do you have the source link? or ist made by you?
  13. Hello, anyone know where to find xvm script/mod to show active personal reserves in garage. I see its in Aslain modpack, but I dont want to mess my own xvm configs.
  14. Just tough I share my contour icons, they are basic one ,but colored for certain classes. white:light tanks, red:arties:grey:heavy tanks,blue:TDs.Yellow:meds. I have been using these colors for years. Weird thing is that WG hasnt impelement colors for the game, it helps so much to see what tank types are in lineups.
  15. the option is now back in XVM, they restored that setting with latest build
  16. have you tried to uncheck player stats from xvm settings page? I also removed some stuff made by xmv . Btw why you dont use view minimap circles from game settings? I trimmed down my team hp bar and circles from xvm and start using games own stuff. I have problem how to start using games own spotted/unspotted lamp, I cant get them working if I use xvm. Even removing or disablin those parts from xvm setting doesnt help.
  17. yes it is , but start zoom is limited to max 8x, I have used 24x via xvm , hard to learn to play...I dont know if there was some reason to remove that option from xvm.
  18. xmv also has removed max start zoom setting ### XVM 8.7.7 #### Camera * Removed option: * `"camera"/"sniper"/"startZoom"` this is bad when Im used to have certain quite high level, I dont know why they removed this option? In game max is only 8
  19. I dont know if its this same mod which causes sometimes black screen (jamming game) after returning from battle, looks like if game has lots of messaging in same time to infocenter right lower corner it cand handle those at same time and crashes game. I havent studied this because its very rarely (maybe once in a day) but It might be Yasenkrasen mod.
  20. okay forget this then . I also tested yesterday with XVM camera.xc disabled and tried that PMOD zoom didnt get that work either , but in xvm forum they said that xvm problem will be solved next nighly build,just wonder why it takes so long time to update it, its already over day since their last update..Or was Russian 1.9.1 update later than EU....
  21. you cant see total team wn8 with regular xvm, and Im not sure if this is right forum to arque about mods, because this is forum of Aslains mod pack.
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