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  1. I would ask the community if someone would be able to help me out a bit I don't know if this is the right forum or not. I found a script on the WG MOD HUB that provides me all crew Experience and skill set for each tank they are trained in. the output is in a csv format working so far without any problem. I asked a question to Scouts_0ut he is the modder in question from RDTT2, however he is NLG playing or answering since December 2018. So my question would be as follow. I would require to fetch the following two items; Tier level 1 to 10 and The type of tank: Light Med Heavy TD Spg What is the Python call for these If someone would know it would be great I will add it to the script it self Thank you
  2. WOT Server NA Clan speak French and English Our MOTO Ensemble nous ferons la différence / Together we make a difference REQUIREMENT Have 3000 battles, 49% Win ratio will get you in automatically (others with exceptions case by case review) Be 18+ Adult exception can be applied on case by case basis. LANGUAGE MUST BE CLEAN AND RESPECTFUL AT ALL TIME Active 3+ more days a week Be able to play during core hours after 5pm till 10:30pm EST we understand we have family 1. Must have teamspeak installed, You are to use your players name when login in, Ears & Mic ask for our TS server address and password 2. Participate in skirmish when called upon see point 1 3. Participate in Clan activities team Battles or practice when called upon see point 1 4. Ready to help other and platooning and to socialize as well. 5. Must have at a minimum a tier 6 Light Medium and Heavy,your crew at 100% with perks. Our Clan will accept anyone who tries to do their best, work well in a team, and plays this game for fun. As for stats (WN8) let me be clear on this you may have the best however if you are not a team player or help and are only a solo player in that fashion please do not apply. What will get you punted from the CLAN and Teamspeak; The use of any illegal MODS this will also get you BAN. Foul language will not be permitted that are discriminatory to race, religions, this will not be endured we are all humans with differences. How to apply: Send me a PM in the game or simply apply to join in we can discuss from there.
  3. Fixed it i had to uninstalled everything Mod and Game client there was a conflict of some sort. Game client works fine including mod so far crossing finger. Thanks for the reply aslain and great work you do
  4. Works fine in vanilla Attached is the Zip file for your review and assistance. Game kept crashing x7. Uninstalled all Aslain and re installed current version twice so far seem to have the same issue I previously had. I think it is related to XVM and or XFW python scripts or files. The program wont log on message indicate as follow Connection to server has been interrupted. Let me know if you need anything else Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  5. xvm server was down now back up seems to work correctly so far
  6. Thanks letting me know got in contact with Mav he provided me with the required information and file. I created my Msg Board Gui that will hopefully work outside the game interface. Now I need to learn to make it start or link it to a button inside the game notification or in the garage that's what is testing mode is all about. Any pointers or help is greatly appreciated.
  7. You will require Python just google it plenty of explanation
  8. Can someone tell or advise me if a PYC extension python be uncompled seems I would require the actual PY to make actual change or to update to the current version of WOT thank you
  9. I agree with you on that issue however I addressed this to WG in regard to this clan message board they have on their web site to be included as feature within the game it self however I won't hold my breath on this. I downloaded the zip file and will check into this more in depth. Not sure how one interact with others and games setting for the notification center.
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