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  1. Didn't know I could do this ? sorry, but how exactly??
  2. I was so hoping that was going to work!! Alas no, I will have to suffer with hard to read map coordinates, will keep trying to find the solution. Oddly the log file in WOT is showing its there, even after trying Aslains solution (above) its still there after reinstalling. Ive had this mod for years now and all of a sudden its gone, not just on my PC but on laptop too !!!! perhaps its Donald Trump??!!
  3. What do I need to do then, apart from a reinstallation of Windows 10 on my PC nothing has changed, my laptop has not altered in any way. Do I need to update anything or is this the end of the road for the Mod as far as my PC is concerned. World of Tanks has also been reinstalled is there anything there I should look at ??
  4. Hi done all the above on both PC and Laptop still does not show More visible coordinates nor the SPG/TD positions either. Have attached latest log below everything else seems to be OK regarding other Mods from ur package Regards Swift&Bold Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  5. Hi, as previously discussed I have been using this mod for some time now and it is excellent especially as my eyesight is not what it used to be (73 yrs old!!) for the past couple of weeks I have been unable to make it work on my PC and laptop as well. I have complied with the instruction regarding Contour etc and even tried disabling everything except the More visible contour mod. You have asked for the log file I hope that I have attached it correctly
  6. Great! Thanks for getting it sorted so quickly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Enhanced grid figures and letters are missing again, those of us with not the best eyesight in the world rely on mods like these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Clan: https://eu.wargaming.net/clans/wot/500177682 Discord: https://discord.gg/eryRqmV Twitch TV: Feel free to watch, join in with Platoon or indeed as a Legionnaire. GUTD or Grinding Unicums To Dust is a new clan born out of the frustrations of inactivity, poor management and little or no leadership. The aim of the clan is to muster together those of a like mind who wish to participate in clan activities and still have fun. We are looking for any English speaking player who wants to take part in Platoons, Skirmishes and Advances but also be able to do your own thing and not feel under pressure when the times just not right or you simply want to grind out some line or other! We do however want to train for and participate in clan battles so to that end we need to get some form of commitment from you. It is hoped to have training sessions which will be advertised beforehand and the same thing will apply to skirmishes and other activities, So what are we looking for. 1. English speaking 2. Have and use Discord 3. We are not concerned about Stats and are not excited about them in any way! 4. Be able and willing to join the various training sessions which will have an advertised date, time and purpose. (we use Discord for this) 5. Same thing applies to clan battles etc, well advertised. (Once again we use Discord for this) 6. Use the Discord link above, drop in and have a chat, you can of course use WoT messaging and contact us that way. Maybe link up for the odd Platoon or two??!! We look forward to hearing from you soon. See you on the battlefield
  9. Thanks, it came back with the latest update, brilliant!!!
  10. Requesting this Mod to be put back on again, it was there up to about 2 updates ago and then disappeared. The enhanced grid letters and figures are essential to those with perhaps not the best eyesight in the world! in fact I have requested this three times now and each time it is replaced, so why take it off in the first place??
  11. Yes have done that and it works, however I have noticed that the vehicle used by Zoe in the video did not have the British Pudding and Tea added but the % still increased on further investigation it seems that the Improved Ventilation had been selected giving a 5% rise in all crew skills. On further investigation the Conq Gun Carriage, Bishop, FV304, SU 14-2, FV207, 212A and FV 3805 are the only Arty deemed to have an enclosed body/turret thereby qualifying for Vents. Perhaps its my poor eyesight but surely the two French Arty at tier 9 and 10 have enclosed turrets??
  12. Cheers for that, but whats best to replace in consumables, repair kit and first aid presumably keep and change fire extinguisher ??
  13. Good video, Have changed one or two on advice from ur vid! main problem I have is that despite a lot of my crews having 4 or more skills, the percentages wont go above 105% for Commander and 116% for the rest. I noticed on ur tutorial they went up to 121% for the crew on only the 3rd skill ?? what have I done wrong?? I have all the Arty at all tiers and cannot get above 116% which is frustrating. Any advice?? PS the badge shows I'm ex Army (RGJ) yes I know Infantry playing Arty !!!
  14. It seems that the mod that allowed you to have enhanced Letters and Figures on the grid of the MiniMap has gone,it came back and is now gone again. It is not easy to quickly read off a grid square with the default map settings, the mod you had was excellent, why does it keep coming and going??? Some of us (older generations!!) need this Mod??!!
  15. Is it me or has the option in the mod to enhance the letters and figures on the mini map grid been removed? Big mistake for those who have difficulty seeing the standard ones, as I do, I cannot be alone in this, my eyesight is not that bad but others must suffer. Please put it back!!!
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