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  1. Thank you !! been wasting time doing it after EVERY update :) Thanks !!
  2. I know has been asked and answered b4...BUT I could not find it..so will ask again.....After a Aslain Update do I NEED/HAVE to go to XVM site to re-register ( the built in link at end of the update page) ... or do i only need to do that if my time is about to expire? Thanks in advance for Answering this question again Im sure. :)
  3. i turned anotomizer off days ago...and i still see a eyeball with line through it after my name in battle results..so think it is STILL activated...i have NO clue how to disable the dam thing.
  4. just my 2 cents for a new player - WOW - much more fun/easier beginner learning curve...short waiting times..generally fun. ( DOES get harder tho' )... at first advancing is fairly simple :)...then progressively more difficult ...at some point ( perhaps at the start even) you might find yourself spending Real $$ at least for a Premium Account...that helps you acquire everything faster same in WOT. WOT - a MUCH Higher /HARDER (less fun) Learning curve..I.E. ( you WILL get killed...and have NO CLUE how-where..Or WHY ) POOF GONE ! most players have been doing it for YEARS..and i mean like FULL TIME 24/7 ..some are Very friendly MANY suck EGGS through a straw tho' ..your mileage may vary ... plus you will SOON learn... to advance in this game ( unless you are a BORN NATURAL tank SAVANT) you will need to spend REAL $$... join a team, learn..and the game can become fun..while still Frustrating at times. Ok enough rambling from me...hope this helps some....good luck..enjoy ( btw...i stopped wowp... could not figure out a good enough joystick set up..so no fun for me)
  5. thanks..just glad it is Not a new way of updateing..having to log on to wot FIRST to do it :)...
  6. after wot updated today..i ran aslain (like i always do) and expected it to say found new version...it did not .....so logged into game..and THERE it said i needed to update aslains...( i did..but what a hassle way to do it..as must shut game down..etc. ) So, what happened ? i HOPE it is NOT going to be the NEW way to do this...loading/logging in game for NO reason is no fun. :)
  7. yes it crashed for me when i clicked on the X to close it too...( not sure about XVM ) as Whole game crashed to desktop with the grey WOT "opps the game stopped working" box posted above.
  8. i have ZERO clue what it means . is it a mod? or how do i correct what ever is causing that?? perhaps it is what keeps crashing the game while exiting?? OR...the crash while exiting caused these errors?? again im not a coder so am clueless how to track down and fix this issue. Thanks for your time with this tho' :) p.s. what is the <LAMBDA> referencing to? i have never seen that browsing log files...not that i actually KNOW what im looking at...but can see whaen it says ERROR .... just no clue as to what caused it or how to fix it..
  9. nothing in the log that explains whats happening aslain?? ...or are you guys just busy ? Thanks in advance
  10. hi, after going into Battle Hits Viewer...ever few times when hitting the X on the top to close..the entire game crashes lately & has done this Multiple times...i will attach the log and pic of the crash screen. (i have also everytime hit the send report button....but nothing has been fixed or communicated to me with this ongoing issue) Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  11. wow what a moron the poster was...how do you down vote people? i would like to add 1 to his list too! shame aslain cant LOCK this guy from using his app at all :)
  12. THANK YOU...THANK YOU...thank you :) ( not sure if im just old...or stupid....or both) but thanks !!!
  13. can both aslains AND that mod pack be used together?... IF it is Legal i would Like to try it out...i the the wgmods.net site but could you please tell me what i need to download from there to use that "Danger Lights" mod. ?? and is it POSSIBLE to keep useing all my aslain mods BUT this 1 as well ?? Thanks in advance ... perhaps aslain can add it to his pack :)
  14. lol i guess so.....i will now gracefully crawl back to my corner sorry
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