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  1. there is a mod pac#3 now looks like fix is in it.....is THIS a XVM MOD?? as I would LOVE to figure out how to add this if i ever want to not use Aslain for any odd reason... i love aslain, but there are times i have to play in safe mode ( Halloween / front line...etc) as aslain Normally locks games up after 1 or 2 plays.
  2. thanks :( i some how MISSED it...and never use it in frontlines b4 this would be the first time..so will do everything you guys said thanks
  3. i use aslains and keep it updated....lately, in front line...after about 3_4 games...all In game consumables AND even the Boxes at bottom of screen DISAPPEAR...Plus pressing the keys 4-5 or 6 DO nothing...they all just Vanish...but were all working just fine for many games...im VERY frustrated... after battle is over everything is completely normal in my garage..everything is loaded as it should be. ( this has happend on several days reboot and all) only happens in front line. i decided to try and use the (LAUNCH GAME in SAFE MODE ) and THAT was a TOTAL disaster...in my garage not ONLY were MOST tanks missing ALL CONSUMABLES ...but Most were missing Some or ALL equipment too....it took me a VERY long time to set each tank up...and IM very upset with all this MISSING stuff i did run a check file....it came back with no errors... so HOW do I correct this...without LOSING all MY original SETUPS for ALL MY TANKS ?? ( IF i was to Uninstall WOT...and RE-install it....would ALL my tank set ups ..configurations/settings remain the same ? ) WHAT do I do to get this MESS fixed?... also could you tell me WHAT file//folder//INI etc i can save ( not all the files ) for aslains to reinstall my last set up ?? so Again, i do NOT have to go thru the ENTIRE list again guessing what took me along time to choose ? (logs attached...thanks for any help) Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  4. I AGREE also...even tho...i became SO ADDICTED to the "REPAIR WHEEL using Ctrl key" i CAN NOT play without it !!! LOL and that SUX. thanks for ALL your time and effort doing this for all of us !!
  5. Hi, this was part of the description for a update -- ( removed Autoaim Extended. Due to Fair Play Policy update. I'm removing that mod ahead, but it's not forbidden yet, it will be starting from 1st June. I'm doing it for your own sake, so you won't install it by a mistake by renaming a folder or something.) My question is...does it getting removed from the MOD PACK..also insure it is NOT/No Longer in my game? i.e. IF i had it installed b4 will this get rid of it..so i do not get flagged useing a NEW cheat? Thnaks
  6. Hi, i ALWAYS see this mods update... the anti-mirror files .what does it do?? and if NOT ready for prime time(i.e. new WOT update..but this aslain mod not fixed yet)..what effect does it have/display when NOT functioning correctly??? Thanks sorry for such a NEWBIE question..but AM curious
  7. Hi, i use aslains..BUT 1 of the MODS ( press ctrl...and a RADIAL repair wheel pops up ) IS there ANYWAY i can PUT this into the game that a VERSION change would STILL let it function?... i WISH WOT would ADD it Into the game.....and unfortunately I can not seem to function well with out it. I NEED it..and that is NO cheat just Useful for NON typers like me...ANY help appreciated ... PLUS i believe it is a XVM mod so still as of today Guess it is not working
  8. thanks will try that...hell wot advised uninstall..use a ccleaner..AND manually delete REG. files i didnt even know excisted :/ But I have AOA..WOT..WOA too and now with the BUNDLED launcher thing..I would perhaps have to RE-INSTALL ALL of them too Yikes
  9. HOW Do I clean all MOD stuff out...then start again...i have no clue what files/folders are safe to delete..and still have the game working....any help appreciated..BUT only FOR SURE mtheods do NOT want to have to D/L the game again Thanks in advance i ran WG report tool...and it seemed to SHOW a LOT of aslain mods being blocked..not working..etc... so need a clean slate
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