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  1. lol i guess so.....i will now gracefully crawl back to my corner sorry
  2. Hey Aslain, in the new Mod pack a few Items sound more like WOS (SHIPS...than tanks) or am i just Confused ? added Battle Results Pin Up Girl and Beach Party by Hawg <---- beach party ? - added Battle Results Wargaming Pin Up Girls by Hawg - added Equipment & skill icons by DEbranded - added Shimada_sama's gun sound <----- isnt Shimada a SHIP? - added colored icons on tank carousel (by Ghostman10127) - added Login Screens Hot Beach Party by Hawg < --- beach again? - added TessuMod [fix attempt by Rajcel] - updated xvm [8.1.2_4] - updated Marks of Excellence Extended configs - reworked few PMOD zoom options [select them again] - fixed Sounds Leviathan Spooky Latin (Halloween 2017) <--- Leviathon WAS a WOS submarine game thing ???? i AM confused...
  3. hi, i updated wot and believe it is now ver. the aslain update is only #00 and was only posted 3 hrs. when i downloaded it....needless to say it will NOT install due to ver. being different....did i miss something? as i was gone for a week....came back...and can NOT figure out how to update the aslain for the new game update. any help appreciated.
  4. here is a Embarrassingly Horrible example....but frustrated and trying to tweek arty settings....but you can get the gist..as the the sights...many were my bad in this rotten game... but a few were NOT..and those are the 1's im talking about...this was a I dont care RUSH /TEST..game to post here...i didn't even move my arty around :) this arty did NOT used to miss this badly . replay_last_battle.wotreplay
  5. Thanks , i GOT the EXCLAMATION !! logon part fixed it was battle assistant...for what ever reason..i THINK i needed to KEEP going to their site and RE enableing it...( has a limited time...but this was seemingly needing to be done every time i played it now) so, i removed it..issue gone....i have VERY fast internet speeds 500/25 BUT, am west coast us. and the WOT us servers are pretty much on the east coast ( even tho the CLAIM to be central) and my ping is NOT great from the west coast 73 ... i have gone as far as to get rid of ALL SPG mods...aiming crosshair etc...and use in game only .... a bit better BUT still something has changed very recently BIG time...and only seems to be effecting the arty. i will try all your methods too Thanks Again Thanks for ALL the help Weed
  6. ok...will try doing that as i do not save replays BUT do know how to keep last 1 played....bottom line is do not have 1 to show what it USED to be like anyway ...it JUST misses VERY BAD now UP..or LEFT..right...down... No rhyme or reason..... and the logon exclamation instead of ping Picture should be self explanatory...... did you have a chance to Look at my log file? if so, were there any issues in there? ( i look through them..but, does not help me enough to find anything. thanks for reply...and i will see if i can get a game file....( but still will not really help you...as you have no idea what i was doing in this arty b4....so will just look like im shitty in it now ) :)
  7. just saying Thanks in advance....and if cant be helped...please just lock this 1 and the MAIN one up. Thanks weed
  8. did you try running it in safe mode? ... that will BY PASS the mods and let you know if it IS a mod issue ?? P.S. is the game UPDATED?? and then is your MOD the VERSION for the game? FWIW- If you re installed the game..you SHOULD have tried it out first.to make sure all was working ok b4 installing aslains again
  9. tried melty crosshair...now back to ingame crosshaor...but useing battle assistant....i will post my log...my tanks seem to have no aim point issue...but arty has changed a TON...like i said went from 6+ hits /kills.....to 1 bounced shot per game Due to Shots missing mark by ALOT Also, with aslain i am now getting a ! at logon where i used to see a ping time for NA server...IF i look at the SA server there IS a ping time so i GUESS i have 2 ISSUES. will attach a pic of the logon issue...and my LOG file for the Gun missing by a MILE issue.... http://imgbox.com/geKmBwpt <---- i tried useing the insert other media function..but it DIDNT work :( Arghhh Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  10. well, i guess no reply = this can not be a issue... it continues to be a big issue for me tho. thanks anyway.
  11. Hi, for almost a week now...my sights (mainly arty) have been WAY off..as in missing by a mile...is this MOD caused? or did WOT crap on ARTY'S some more ? very frustrating as i used to hardly EVER miss...and NOW lucky to get 1 HIT in a game :( went from # 1~4 player Everytime...to almost LAST so SOMETHING has happened. any advice appreciated.
  12. there is a mod pac#3 now looks like fix is in it.....is THIS a XVM MOD?? as I would LOVE to figure out how to add this if i ever want to not use Aslain for any odd reason... i love aslain, but there are times i have to play in safe mode ( Halloween / front line...etc) as aslain Normally locks games up after 1 or 2 plays.
  13. thanks :( i some how MISSED it...and never use it in frontlines b4 this would be the first time..so will do everything you guys said thanks
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