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  1. It was something similar, but looked much more clear:
  2. Hi I used to have a mod, like 2-3 years ago, where on the tank list (left, right) were tanks colored by types. I think TD-s where blue, Meds where yellow, Arties purple etc. Can anyone remember that mod? Is it aslain's pack? (I couldn't find it). Urmas
  3. Thx. I had to log in :) It was in Russian so I didn't understand that. Anyway.. I don't have this file or folder:
  4. Sorry for delayed replies.. Do you happen to have this battleTimer.py? Because this link doesn't provide that- it has been removed. I would like to test it out
  5. Oh, great. Thanks! Where should I put this file to test it? res_mods\\scripts\client\gui\mods ? And then I can pick whichever image I want?
  6. Hi Is there a "Look at the map" mod, where similar to the "eye" there's a notification that after every 45s reminds you to look at the map? I forget that myself.. i think I would be useful Regarrds, Urmas from Estonia
  7. But you also neet to optimize it. Otherwise the effect is only good, not excellent.
  8. I still think you guys should try full clean install. Remove Aslain pack and all other mods if any and play without them for a day. 50 games no crashes? Move on Then start adding mods 1by1 Finally you figure out witch mod is in conflict in your system For me it took 2-3 weeks before I found the mod that conflicts on my system. Yeap, it takes time, but it's a normal and widely used process in software development process (reversed in many cases though) - first try what worked without a hitch and then start adding new features to find out witch add-on is the problem. Earlier I posted a reminder what you should try:
  9. I have that sound problem without mods as well. I close wot, process is shut down but the sounds play for 30-60 seconds after that. I wouldn't put all problems on Aslain's mod pack. Try to play 50 games without mods, see how your PC performs. Also, try to uninstall wot and clean your PC and then re-install wot and play 50 games without mods- how's then? I clean (delete temp files, scan for spyware, malware, viruses) regularly and I have done the above 50+50 game trial. I can say that some problems and crashes happen even without mods. Also from time to time my PC crashes in DiRT rally, Fallout 4 etc. Random and rare, but it happens. Might be related to the fact that I use SSD and no page file (ok, on SSD it's 200mb large, enought to work well). Look at your PC logs as well (Under administrative tools): https://www.google.ee/search?q=windows+crash+logs&sourceid=ie7&rls=com.microsoft:en-US:%7Breferrer:source%7D&ie=UTF-8&oe=&gfe_rd=cr&ei=9FeCVprcO-Gl8weK6624Dw&gws_rd=ssl I can say for a fact that after I updated to 9.13.12 and removed RN reload mod, I haven't had a single crash in wot. But that's with my combination of mods. What Aslain is doing, he is providing a mod pack and what we can do is we can test a different combinations of mods to work together. There's a great chance that some of your chosen mods are in conflict and you should do what I did- start adding mods 1 by 1 and then see after which your game and PC crashes. NB! PC does not usually crash because of games. It's 9 out of 10 times a Windows's (drivers, IO conflicts, etc) or hardware related problem. You should look into that separate from WOT and maybe you can use WOT logs in relation to Windows's logs to debug the real reason.
  10. If you mean the installer panel then just open the installer and it should remember your last choices, It does for me at least. -edit- Aslain posted quicker :)
  11. CPU: Intel Core i5, 660 @3,73Ghz (stock is 3,33Ghz, running smoothly for 1,5 years now) Mob: Asus P7P55D some pro or smth version Gfx: nVidia GTX680 2GB @stock clock RAM: 2x4gb DDR3 PC12800, has slight overclock as well I think, if important I'll find a tool to get the exact frequency Op.sys: Win7 64bit + latest updatest One thing though what I noticed with last crash. 3-4 seconds before the crash game had hickups, a lot, FPS stayed normal. Running usually around 40-60fps.
  12. 3 games and a crash, I bet its OTM Reloads by Rn. World_of_Tanks.rar
  13. No crashes. I put back OTM Reloads by Rn and will test again this one. If I now again get crashes then it has to be this. Using latest modpack, v9.13.12.
  14. Yes, I put on new modpack and added white skins + OTM reload. I will try all different types of reload mods and if crash I will try without skins but reload mod installed. It'll take time but eventually we will find out the error here. Most likely it's connected to the skins or to the reload mod. I'll try to mark down the tanks I drive while it crashes. For now I think it's actually all of them. By heart I can remember DickerMax, Löwe, M53/M55, Centurion AX, Cromwell. And if above doesn't give the answer I'll try to remove hitzones. There might be a reason as well. all graphical extras might give the reason. Bwt, I got this weird stuff as well. Dunno if it's connected. Game restart helped. http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/543609-weird-white-stuff-from-sky/
  15. I put on latest v9.13.09 modpack for now. Added other deffierent reload mod (OTM Reloads by ZJ, text only) and I will keep white dead skins also (tanks and tracks). I'll let you know.
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