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  1. Will check tomorrow. Thanks for reporting.
  2. Will fix that tomorrow. Thanks for reporting.
  3. Should be fixed with latest update. Sorry for late answer - vacations, work, real life...
  4. No errors in logs. Can you provide screenshot from garage and battle to see some example. Maybe based on I can guess the issue.
  5. Z loga wynika, że mod_lebwa_gunmarks kaszani albo mod_pro_achivments.
  6. For ranked battles I confirm there is an issue, but I haven't had enough time to fix it while there was ranked battles, so I am waiting for next occurrence. Maybe then I will have time and possibility to fix it. About regular battles. Method for collecting and calculating damage for panels is the same for all players, even self player. Why there is difference? Because there is no possibility to just get and show players damage. It needs to be collected and calculated by catching some in game events. It can be caught only in drawing area, so first possible mismatch. Second, killing shots are not always fired with the event I am catching and so far I cannot define the rule when and why this event is not fired and when and why is. In both provided screenshot examples I guess killing shot is not counted for you. And for now I don't see the reason why to make exception for self player on the damage counting on players panels. Players panel damage is from definition approximate. If you want 100% correct damage counter for self, then there are other indicators.
  7. Hello, Most or all session stats are based on WN8 mainly. But... you can change for YasenKrasen to show WGR instead of WN8. Go to: World of Tanks\mods\configs\yk-stats\config.json and change all macros like: {{c:WN8}} {{g:WN8}} {{WN8}} {{WN8:d}} {{XWN8}} to: {{c:WGR}} {{g:WGR}} {{WGR}} {{WGR:d}} {{XWGR}} Regards
  8. Przycisk o którym mówisz służy do przełączania między jedno i dwupoziomową karuzelą. Nie ma tam mowy o zmianie wyglądu ikon małe/duże.
  9. Nie wiem czy jest na to opcja do wybrania w modpacku, ale w modzie można wybrać na sztywno jaką wielkość ikonek chcesz mieć: mods\configs\rajcel\tricks\tricks.json "carousel": { // null for no change; N number for N rows "rows": null, // possible values: "auto", "large", "small" "size": "auto" <-- o tutaj }, Domyślnie jest "auto": wtedy gra decyduje, którą wielkość sobie ustawi. Jaką ikonke masz na myśli?
  10. Just a link "how to get into number settings in windows": https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/change-the-windows-regional-settings-to-modify-the-appearance-of-some-data-types-edf41006-f6e2-4360-bc1b-30e9e8a54989 Maybe it would be useful for someone with same issue.
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