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  1. RaJCeL

    Suggested Mod

    In general it is easy to do mod and I can make it, but there is no much space on the list in players name columns, so for most of players text would be cut. // Edit: I will to publish tomorrow or the day after prototype for it.
  2. Still seems that the mod cannot load stat cache data from APPDATA. Please try to run game as admin and check if the exception would be still there.
  3. Freeze after exiting battle is already fixed, so wait Aslain to update modpack. Also I confirm what Aslain said. Looks like file permission issues.
  4. Strange... Very strange I could say but will try to investigate and test both mentioned servers when I will have time.
  5. That's what I am saying. Few patches ago I get report that on NA sometimes it is hiding with no reason. Maybe it is still the case. To change hotkey go to mods\configs\rajcel\inBattleStatistics\crewSkills.json change "hotkey": 48, to "hotkey": 14,
  6. Thanks for logs. I have few questions to you: 1. B is not working for crew skills or players damage list, or both? 2. Do you recognize something specific that happened when it stopped to work? For example start to play some clan battle types, or premium tank, or tank with auto crew return, or tank with autoequip devices... 3. It stopped to work during that first battle or between it and second one? 4. In logs I have found that perhaps you playing on NA client, right? Ad. 2. I already have bug report that crewSkills is not working when auto crew return. Ad. 4. On previous patches I also get reports that my mods are unpredictably hiding on NA. I have asked some guys to perform test on that version. No results yet. If it is still the case I will finally download NA and try to debug.
  7. Game doesn't have permissions to read config file for AAI+: IOError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '../res_mods/'
  8. If it is happening even on a clean installation than it is more local problem. Do you have up to date drivers? From the mods that are blocking you to rejoin a game I will say perhaps it is AutoAim Indicator+. Maybe try to remove it and test without it? You can also try if launching game manually in 64bit mode from World of Tanks\win64 will help you out.
  9. Just for the record: issue was discussed via PMs. The final working solution was reinstalling the game.
  10. Hey, I am sorry to say but I haven't found any issue in python.log related to my mod (Shell info). Personally I can create/accept/decline platoons with that mod without any problems so far. In that case it is impossible for me to diagnose and fix the issue as I cannot reproduce it and there is no error in log. Best regards, RaJCeL
  11. Yes, maybe it was WG bug with event hangar. Wait and see...
  12. I am back from my short vacations, so I will try to investigate the root cause in close future. //EDIT: Haven't found anything in logs and can't reproduce error, so it is hard to find anything to solve that... :(
  13. Also a solution from other user from forum thread: "It's a temporary bug, if I switch to some other tanks and back to that one which had the bug, bug is gone."
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