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  1. Przycisk o którym mówisz służy do przełączania między jedno i dwupoziomową karuzelą. Nie ma tam mowy o zmianie wyglądu ikon małe/duże.
  2. Nie wiem czy jest na to opcja do wybrania w modpacku, ale w modzie można wybrać na sztywno jaką wielkość ikonek chcesz mieć: mods\configs\rajcel\tricks\tricks.json "carousel": { // null for no change; N number for N rows "rows": null, // possible values: "auto", "large", "small" "size": "auto" <-- o tutaj }, Domyślnie jest "auto": wtedy gra decyduje, którą wielkość sobie ustawi. Jaką ikonke masz na myśli?
  3. Just a link "how to get into number settings in windows": https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/change-the-windows-regional-settings-to-modify-the-appearance-of-some-data-types-edf41006-f6e2-4360-bc1b-30e9e8a54989 Maybe it would be useful for someone with same issue.
  4. Hello, There is no error from the mod itself. Those values should follow number settings from Windows, so please go and check in Windows settings what you have set up. Best regards, RaJCeL
  5. Cześć, Opcja usunięcia tego panelu (EventWidget) będzie w kolejnej wersji mojego moda annoyingFeaturesRemover. Pozdrawiam, RaJCeL
  6. @RamboSushi Thanks for pinging me back to this topic. As for now and the year passed I haven't gone into that macros... Sorry for that 😞 I am busy in real life and modding topics. But as I see you patiently waited and still need that I will prioritize investigation about that to upcoming weeks. So in other words, if I manage to find correct way to do so, there is possibly it would be added on next major patch ( or - I don't know which comes next, but just to give you idea what I mean by major patch). If I didn't, don't hesitate to summon me again to give the update and push me once again. //Edit: I just saw first news about first test, so it comes next 😉
  7. One more comment from my side. Perhaps you know XVM. The biggest, the most known WoT mod. Written in cooperation with WG developers. The biggest community to test. Very skilled modders. Imagine what happens in your garage when XVM mod cannot settle connection to its server? ... Game is forcibly closed...
  8. You friend programmer looks to be a junior or either didn't paid enough attention to read the whole error stack and stopped reading after first line, because the breaking error is not coming directly from the connection issues, but from another unexpected behavior with handling saving/reading mods files. I have already secured my mods from many various and different sides from file system issues, but with recent update I see many people with file systems errors, so in system/game environment there is something new that started to break the mod in unexpected place that for many months and years were secured and working well. And if your friend has scripted anything professionally then he/she should know that putting your whole code into try/catch is not a professional solution. If new issue starts to occur then game/software gets a patch after its fix, right? I agree that mod shouldn't hang game and game shouldn't hang the os. I am trying to fix all scenarios users come up to me (I remember that for one issue that wasn't affecting me and most of the users I spend months, if I remember well even more than year to fix it. In many places I have totally rewritten the mod, started from the scratch and analyse line after line. But sadly users that report, don't want to spend few hours to test a fix. I spend tons of hours to fix an issue for few users that mostly don't even wanted to test). The difference in software/game dev world and modding is usually that behind them stand a team of professional testers. Imagine that hobby mod makers cannot afford to have professional test team. I am testing myself, some modpack creators are testing themselves or their teams that as well are not professionals. From all of those people test from recent time I didn't get any issue reports. Only some users that reports and usually the fix is the advice I will give you below. So in the meantime I will be investigating, please reinstall my session stats mod and ensure you run game with admin privileges (that reduce number of file system errors to minimum).
  9. As said above "screenshot, and attach logs" please. And I need a time to play and get some field modifications to test 😛
  10. Hello, Thanks for report. Personally I was not experiencing such issues so far, but I didn't played after recent micropatch. 1. Can you set "debug": true, in "World of Tanks\mods\configs\yk-stats\config.json" and then send python.log after the issue occurs? 2. Are you running the game with admin rights? Best regards, RaJCeL
  11. Is it possible you send me your config file: World of Tanks\mods\configs\yk-stats\config.json And replays of those battles?
  12. As I am the creator of the mod you are showing I can create optional function to log values. Some questions to analyze: - only team summary or all players data as well? - what data schema to follow: battle ID, date time, ally wn8 overall sum, ally wn8 overall avg, ally wn8 battle sum, ally wn8 battle avg, enemy wn8 overall sum, enemy wn8 overall avg, enemy wn8 battle sum, enemy wn8 battle avg?
  13. I am glad that you came to right conclusion that data shown in a player is WN8 about a player overall and per battle WN8. In the header you have sum and average for that values for all team members. By "readout of the battles during the last 60 days or so..." you mean to create some king of logs where those players/teams data would be saved?
  14. RaJCeL


    Hello, I can provide a details about script mods, using libs for in game settings menu, using libs for ingame simple visualizations, using WG API for data. All depends on a scope and a level of details you are interested in. Regards
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