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Looking for a lead Delphi programmer with a spare time.
Szukam doświadczonego programisty Delphi z czasem, który może poświęcić.


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  1. Hello, Since many months I have on my to do backlog a feature for my "In battle statistics" mod to calculate DMG rng in battle for all shots (counting only shots that makes sense ofc). When I finally find time to do so it would be just copy paste for last shot roll. Best regards, RaJCeL
  2. You are welcome! For me YasenKrasen is working all well. No issues. I have tried to replicate the issues with multi-messages freeze, but since December it happened to me only few times. To sum up: it is not possible for me so far to fix this issues as I can't replicate them for tests. I am doing some blind shots to fix, but as you can see for some it helps, for some not.
  3. No errors in logs. For me mod is working correctly so hard to fix something that cannot be reproduced on my side...
  4. Yes, please try to run via direct exe file World of Tanks\win64\WorldOfTanks.exe or World of Tanks\win32\WorldOfTanks.exe and let us know if it changed something for you.
  5. Could you tell me if you are launching game via Wargaming Game Center or direct shortcut to the game exe file? Second question: are you using YK "beta" features? (like researchWatchdog and stats in vehicle parameters lists)
  6. Unfortunately YK is one of the most complex session stats mods I know. For some players it can hangs game since one of the wot patches half year ago. Simpler session stats mods are ok to use. Some users have hangs because of XVM, MoE extended mod, or any combination of those 3 mods. There are players as well, that don't use mods and have freezes as well. From my side I can only improve YK, but the issue is not happening to me, don't leave any error trace in logs, so I cannot fix a bug that is unspotable from a code perspective. If you see you have hangs with YK, please try use other session stats mods.
  7. And that is the root cause of the issue. Did you removed it manually?
  8. Could you check this path if file exsists? ./mods/configs/rajcel/core.json
  9. Hi, Are you using default config or are you making some changes to it? Best regards, RaJCeL
  10. Where exactly you want to see that?
  11. RaJCeL

    Suggested Mod

    In general it is easy to do mod and I can make it, but there is no much space on the list in players name columns, so for most of players text would be cut. // Edit: I will to publish tomorrow or the day after prototype for it.
  12. Still seems that the mod cannot load stat cache data from APPDATA. Please try to run game as admin and check if the exception would be still there.
  13. Freeze after exiting battle is already fixed, so wait Aslain to update modpack. Also I confirm what Aslain said. Looks like file permission issues.
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