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  1. I would be very happy if u can add this few mods to modpack, usually im addding them through custom mods option, but i would like to share them with more people. Anime battle results.rar 9.15.1_Rice_Field_Hangar.rar 9.15.1 Star Sky By Pb13.rar True dispersion circle.rar
  2. Converted files to UTF-8, hope everything is okay now. sr_translation.txt WoWs_sr.txt
  3. Weird. I did translation in Notepad++ and it is by default set to encode to UTF-8. Checked translation right now and it reports UTF-8 encoding is turned on, and that this document is encoded in UTF-8 format... I ll check everything again when i come home later today, till then if anyone have ideas how to fix this, feel free to send me pm or post here...
  4. Just reviewed installer with serbian translation, and there seems to be a problem. For some reason installer doesnt seem to recognize š,č,ć and ž letters, there is just some kind of symbols in place of this letters. Is there something that can be done about this?
  5. Re-translated this from scratch. Latest WoT 9.14.51 translation for serbian language. Updated Readme files for wot and wows too. WoWs modpack translated to serbian too. Files: sr_translation.ini Readme wows sr..rtf readme sr..rtf WoWs_sr_translation_v5.5.1.01.ini.ini
  6. With latest update this sight is not working, i got stuck at loading screen when i include it in the installed mods in modpack...
  7. Wrong thread buddy. Not compatible with 9.2 i think. Well we need to have specialized thread for spaming , so people can spam shoutbox too :P(just jokin)
  8. Multilined TankCarousel v1.5 Skins of destroyed vehicles Hitzone skins Dont know if i am allowed to post links to other forums...delete post if its forbbiden.
  9. Try to install adblock plus if u are using chrome, i have dloaded modpack minutes ago, and there was no such request as that.
  10. Roughnecks sights seems to be removed too :(
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