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  1. That's no problem! It was a longshot. I am curious though, why not? I know you vett the mods pretty thoroughly before adding them, so is this something I shouldn't be using for some reason? If it's unfinished, that makes sense, I suppose.
  2. I know it's still in Alpha, but I've been using it, and it's been my process to run a bat file after updating with Aslains to install this mod. Not a huge deal, but it'd be nice. The mod is https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/237835-01040-nonogram-modern-ellipse-crosshair/ and it's available on his GitHub here: https://github.com/C4Cypher/nm_modern_ellipse Take a look at the screenshots on the author's post under the spoiler tag, and you'll probably see why it's so neat of a concept. And yes, the mod author seems to have misspelled "nomogram" as "nonogram", but oh w
  3. There are plenty of them, and most of the mods, depending of course the type of mod it is, are usually just straight up source code themselves. For instance, some are written in python, some in unbound or unbound2, some of the less code intensive mods, like texture mods, are simply xml files pointing to the file to use instead of another file. There are a bunch of tutorials here. That's the NA (edit: somehow the .eu didn't clue me in to the fact that it's the EU forum...) EU WoWS forum, and it's in the "Modding Tutorials, Guides, and Tools" section. There is a lot of tutoria
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