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  1. Can confirm, this mod was causing my issue. Works fine without.
  2. Huh, never even noticed i clicked it, thanks man. Appreciated, hope there is a fix eventually, it was kinda nice haha.
  3. Hmm will test now, i didnt have it installed before, maybe i did now. will report back.
  4. Mine is fixed, removing custom indicator was the issue.
  5. Another issue here. I can see the hits received, but can't see the damage i deal. _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
  6. i never installed that and it still is happening.
  7. Cant see anything. No crosshairs, panels, or even enemy tanks. I cant even see escape when i hit it. Heres the logs to find the culprit. No idea what it could be python.log _Aslain_logs.zip
  8. Thank you for the screenshot, saved me time, but yeah that's the issue. Also shadow, make your mini bigger, it will help you improve immensely.
  9. The player panel is getting cut off under aslains choice. The wn8 specifically.
  10. Ahh ok, appreciate it Aslain. Thanks for your work!
  11. Well not sure they will help, but here you go. python.log _Aslain_logs.zip
  12. I have checked the box, uninstalled and still can't seem to be able to see clan icons in the players panel with HP bars #3 or any for that matter. They show up fine when i hit Alt, but not when it's just sitting there. Any ideas?
  13. The colors of what hit you aren't working properly for me. Tried many of the versions and non are working. Can't see where im being hit at all. Any suggestions?
  14. Uncheck the "Check for update in gagrage option" fixed my crashing. friend found it out.
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