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  1. thnx Aslain, it worked like a charm. ;) you're da man :D " -...I see what you did there Wargaming asshat dev. I know what you re thinking. "Can he make it work?" - Well given Aslain's the name, you ve got to ask yourself one question. "Do i feel lucky?" - Well do ya? Punk?" B)
  2. you can,either d/l only the ones you want (but you must know which is,what! ;) ), or just download everything (right click on Aslains DLC in the left and d/l as a zip). Then,since we are now at 0.9.8 : This part is the change,related to the original post. As always, DO NOT select "delete the contents of DLC cache ... " , or the files will be deleted, and the installer will start d/l them itself from the start.
  3. Hi Aslain (and everybody else :) ) and a big THANKS for all your hard work mate, you're making a big positive impact in our Tanking :p and honestly your work is a "cant-do-without" for many of us. I have a small (well you know better if it's small or big :p) request regarding the Installer (wrote it in the shoutbox,but there it might get lost). Could you at some time implement a handy load/save feature in the installer? For example,instead of having to use a shortcut with a command, to now have that feature built-in. And more importantly,have the installer be able to work in load and save simultaneously,meaning have it load a set of options from the options file,and if we change something,to have a selectable choice in the end of the install to save the new set. ;) That would be AWESOME. Thanks. ;)
  4. Because of the new WOT update, and everyone updating their modpack, the download speed of the "traditional" way has ofc plummeted. So For Everyone that has slow downloads : Download Aslain's DLC Folder instead, and select all files in the link and choose to download as a zip. When you get the zip,uncompress it in a folder, and keep all the many compressed files there. Then make a folder in your WOT's installation ROOT folder,and name it, Aslains_DLC_cache_97 . (without the "." duh ... ) In THAT file cut (or copy) paste, all those small and big,many compressed files. THEN download Aslains Installer. When you run the installer then, it will NOT try to download anything, because all the files will already be there,and the installer will simply use them.
  5. the level of ingratitude of some ppl, is suffocating. <_< thanks for all your hard work Aslain,that we get for free (!) if anything. the DLC folder, we just place it in WoT's root folder and run the installer?
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