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  1. I've been testing the mod by starting a platoon and readying the vehicle. If two spots are available it seemed to work alright. But The LTP received the camo net whereas the Type 64 got the binocs. Go figure.
  2. I'm using the auto telescope mod at the moment. It is not working consistently. Could you please bring the version back, that lets me select the order in which I'd like to have my binocs and camo net selected? python.log _Aslain_logs.zip
  3. Hi Aslain. I have tried all the available hitsound mods but all of them do not alert you to a big hit in your tank. Man, 800 hitpoints are gone and I didn't even hear anyhting. If you are in a position to suggest to the mod creators to make the hit sound so that it is commensurate with the damage or at least that it is more pronounced than all the other gun noises. I served in tanks and even the sound of your own gun is not as noisy as something hitting your tank. I think it was different before. If you got hit you knew it. Just a thought.
  4. Exactly. It takes a lot of players out of the tomato-soup. It was so uninspiring.
  5. Sorry it did not show it in table form. Can I send it to you any other way?
  6. Win rate WN8 Rating Color Keys Percentile Under 46% Under 300 Beginner 0.00% 46% 300 to 449 Basic 6.00% 47% 450 to 649 Below Average 20.00% 48% to 49% 650 to 899 Average 40.00% 50% to 51% 900 to 1199 Above Average 63.00% 52% to 53% 1200 to 1599 Good 82.00% 54% to 55% 1600 to 1999 Very Good 95.00% 56% to 59% 2000 to 2449 Great 99.00% 60% to 64% 2450 to 2899 Unicum 99.90% 65% and Above 2900 and Above Super Unicum 99.99% I'm not allowed to upload an Excel file, which would show you the colours. I'll try to paint them into this table. This is as close as I can manage with the uploader.
  7. Yea, that is a breath of fresh air. I'll be no longer orange. The old scale was so useless. It differentiated mostly within the minority of the unicums, etc.
  8. Yep, it's exactly as you put it. I don't like to play vanilla, so I have to wait.
  9. Hi Aslain. After the patch the log in is aborted and I land on the desktop again. Even with the res mods folder cleared it didn't work. What do you recommend I do now? python.log _Aslain_logs.zip
  10. It is really hard to select tanks now. Is there a remedy coming soon?
  11. Before I came to use Aslains mods, I used to download the modpack that OMC is providing. There I could just add something if I forgot a mod or they had new content. It left the rest of the modpack as it was. Is that possible with Aslains as well? I've tried it and it didn't seem to work. Can you please tell me, if it is possible, how to do it?
  12. Thanks Aslain that did it nicely. :D
  13. Yes, it works fine for me. Before I used the other method, where I had to select my choice for every tank once before it was memorized. I' got nearly 200 tanks, TDs and arty. What a job that was. The priority selection mod is easier by far.
  14. I am using your mods now for the last 3 updates and haven't had any issues. This time I've chosen to use the 11 colours option and noticed in game that the engine sounds were gone. I could hears the tracks, the turret motor and all the gun sounds etc. though. Gnomefathers engine sounds seem to run with the 6 colours selected only. Can there be a link? I tried multiple times with the same result._Aslain_logs.zip btw.python.log would not upload. no permission it said.
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