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  1. Yes I do this, but it's a little annoying as sometimes all the mods I normally use aren't checked for installation.. it's a tedious process. This is why I ask as a request if something can be done, an ingame toggle to stop the auto mounting during Frontlines. Either that, or is there a mod that you can click a button and makes EVERY TANK in your garage drop its equipment and camouflage? Scenario: I lost my toolbox, where is it? A button to put it back into my depot would be nice. ;x
  2. I'm looking for a mod that automatically equips camouflage and mountables, without taking it off the previous tank, unless it's already in use, which it will then move it to my tank selected. Either that, or the current mod that moves items from tank to tank, but with an ingame option to turn it off. During Frontlines event, it cannot allow me to configure multiple tanks without equipment being stripped from all vehicles but one. Suggestions? Thanks. :3
  3. Must've been something else then.. need to find it. :< Don't like this new one.
  4. It worked with Camouflage, toolbox, camouflage, etc.. everything though.
  5. I remember around a few years back, there was a mod very similar then that didn't return EVERYTHING to the Depot, it was smarter, it only removed the items the new clicked tank was missing, and applied it, not stripping the whole previous tank. Unsure what mod it was, but you had this in your pack, it was awesome, probably around the 8 or 9 version times.. :< Maybe XVM has one built in, I remember seeing that somewhere.
  6. So there's an issue I have with the Auto Equipment feature, it used to work by leaving set tanks alone, now it unequips EVERYTHING and puts it all into your depot. Is there a way to go back to the old behaviour where once a tank was setup, it wouldn't be touched UNLESS there wasn't the required items needed for the new tank clicked? The problem now is all my tanks have nothing on them, because everything's stripped and put into the depot when I click to a different tank. Thanks ;x Using Auxilems mod.
  7. So the mod that moves the Camouflage, Equipment and so on seems to be very slow from when I remember it. It used to keep items on each tank, and you'd not need to load when switching to and from tanks that're already equipped, UNTIL you clicked a tank that needed to be mounted the gear again. Right now, it seems to unequip EVERYTHING, and remount it per tank.. why has this changed? :c
  8. Right. ;x Thank you for helping me troubleshoot the mods which have caused me issue, I am looking forward to seeing them properly functional again. :3
  9. .. but I use German, American and French Artillery. :f
  10. wew bugfixing. <3 :3 Umm.. who ever owns the celebrity crew skins, their picture ID's don't seem to match when you change them around. Unsure if that belongs here, too. Otherwise, there's no critical errors being caused that I can see.. just mismatch of the right face. ;x
  11. Nope, it helps me a big deal actually. ;x
  12. I remember I had a dupe somewhere.. I remember I accidentally had a 6th sense dupe, too.. My client is VERY slow loading between tanks, I think I'll turn off some of this stuff.. thank you. :3 <3 ATAC is kind of important though.. not sure what to do about that.. :'c
  13. I was using discord a while back, Push to Talk. But it also happens when not using it..(no call active or anything) so, it can't be voice related. :< It's just weird it only happens to himmelsdorf, atleast thus far. New file above by the way.
  14. It's when I alt tab back and forth, only Himmelsdorf does this issue. Possibly a minimap mod, tactical one. Added new file. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
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