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  1. Temporarily to solve this from EU, i used a VPN connexion on an American City location to download the Aslain mod pack.
  2. Temporarily, is it possible to chose another server with an Install Command keyword or else (Hosts file, ...) ? ok resolved using a VPN connexion on US Town... if you handle one. :)
  3. Hello there, do you know if a mod is intended for removing Space Battle ship design ? i don't like there chimney smoke to handle aiming accuracy... Fair seas o7
  4. Hello there, exactly same issues version : Aslains_WoWs_ModPack_Installer_v. Unable to select a ship in port (caroussel unclickable). Unable to exit game after battle is over (except with Escape). Unable to crtl click on the mini map. Chat in battle : no cursor focus on chat box with Enter => you don't know if you are writing something or not until a new Enter key. Unable to open Combat log, _Aslain_logs.zip Got these issues from v. to v. KR
  5. Hello Captains, Just a little issue with " Minimap with ship names by atmaxx, and option with damagelog" minimap don't show islands even with or without Minicarte (e.g. Autospy ). am i alone in this case ? Thanks in advance. Grim'
  6. ok don't bother my English is so poor...
  7. Greetings Aslain, Would it be conceivable to add battle time they were spotted on last ships known location of the minimap (just as alive ship's name are shown maybe) ? Thanks in advance... Grim'
  8. and since ranked battle 2d season * Should immediately behind "Random Battle" or "Coop Battle" or "RankedBattle" :P
  9. Hello, for me, in this kind last modpack update, v1.0.9 : - "updated detection range circles to the minimap mod" is ok and usefull but - "....and last known position" doesn't work anymore. => ship's wreck vanished as they sink. ( my bad) - missing transparency feature ? am i wrong on setup ? Thanks you Grim' :)
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