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  1. Some camera glitch has forced your viewpoint down inside of the ship you have selected - you're looking at the superstructure & deck from below. The usual culprit in this case is any zoom out type mod you might have installed. Try re-installing the modpack without Camera "Zeiss" (advanced camera + advanced zoom) (by Mebius_LW) and Zeiss Expert I x20 selected.
  2. FYI the Torrent links still reference/download the .06 version.
  3. Offline tool to allow you to see/calculate various ships stats with different ship modules/captain skills/etc. NOTE: I DID NOT CREATE THIS ! It was written by someone on another forum I frequent. This is a Java applet, so you will need some iteration of Java installed on your computer. https://github.com/BlindNImpotent/WoWS-Ship-Stats-Calculator/releases/tag/v0.05-alpha
  4. Well since the mod is not back in the modpack yet, are you downloading it from the topic in the Requests forum ? If so, that one uses res_mods/ If you are just dropping the extracted res_mods folder into the WoWS directory, it won't work. Screenshot of how it should be installed in res_mods:
  5. For Aslain & anyone using my No Shell Contrail mod - I just checked whether or not it still works in, and I am happy to report it works fine with no changes needed. Tested against NA as of about 1730 p.m. EST (USA) ATTN: Aslain - can you please update the installer description to read "Removes shell contrails from all main and secondary guns by rendering then invisible". Thanks, MREBoy ___
  6. 1. White circle - range at which you can be detected by an enemy ship. 2. Yellow circle - range at which you can be detected by an enemy airplane group. 3. Lines disappearing - bug, glitch, who knows ?
  7. http://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/announcements/ver-0531-patchnotes/ For whatever reason, the people who run the .ASIA WoWs website are considerably better at posting patch notes on their front page than the .COM or .EU people.
  8. MREBoy

    PravdaTeam Mod

    Hey Xandier59, just an FYI - Your skin mod for the USN Omaha needs updating. The "C" hull WG added has missing main turret textures
  9. Ask and ye shall receive. Screenshot shows stock game with just this mod installed. WOWS_0521_No_Contrails.zip
  10. It's not you. Training Room Enabler is one of those mods that breaks with every patch, and needs updating. It got removed with modpack v5.2.0.00 (23-12-2015).
  11. This happens pretty much every single time WoWs gets patched - some mods work fine, others break completely. The broken ones get yanked until such time as they are updated to work again, then added back in. Folks just have to be patient.
  12. Ok this took longer to figure out than it should - I kept fiddling with .DDS files in Photoshop before remembering alpha channels are a thing to consider (I'm not a PS pro by a long shot) Anyway - is anyone still interested in this ? The contrail is completely gone and this is probably compatible with most current tracer mods - it's a single file replacement. Screenshots are of No Contrails + Colored Tracers #1 (by atmaxx) On a side note I also think I figured out how to colorize the tracer smoke, I'll work on that too.
  13. Since I started this thread, here we go: Find "World_of_Warships\res_mods\\content\gameplay\usa\gun\main\textures\AGM031_6in53_Mk16_Twin_a.dds" and duplicate it in the same folder, you will probably get "AGM031_6in53_Mk16_Twin_a - Copy.dds". Rename "AGM031_6in53_Mk16_Twin_a - Copy.dds" to "AGM157_6in53_Mk16_Twin_a.dds" The folder "World_of_Warships\res_mods\\content\gameplay\usa\gun\main\textures\" should then be as shown below: I will msg Xandier59 about this. Thanks for your time Aslain!
  14. Ok, I figured out what's going on, this is wierd. Same clean install as before: If Omaha Hull = "A" hull OR "B" hull, turret texture appears If Omaha Hull = "C" hull, turret texture disappears I FRAPS'd this, just so I know I'm not losing my mind - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9QziadLFalM
  15. I tried deleting the DLC folder contents then clean installing just this mod (see attached logs) and got my previous result again (missing texture). The file "AGM157_6in53_Mk16_Twin_a.dds" isn't present in the DLC file "wows_skins_RWBY_collection_with_bonus_502.7z". _Aslain_logs.zip
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