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Hitlog, garage, and map zoom problems

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I've been using the modpack for quite some time with just a few mods installed, and it's been quite stable, but at some point a couple of months ago, I began having some issues. It is probably about the time that I upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 7, so that might be part of the issue. I did actually completely remove WoT and reinstall it, but it still seemed to have most of my settings, so I guess all of the registry entries weren't removed with the uninstall. I've removed the multillined garage mod when I found that the game itself would do that, but it wasn't working for me. Also currently, the clock isn't changing to 12 hour, I'm not getting the gold locker, default cost for items isn't switching to gold, and the premium shop button isn't being removed. For some reason, my personal stats are showing up in the middle of the garage, which I don't need there.


In game, I've set the minimap to zoom center, but it zooms in the corner. I was using the GambitER hitlog, and it stopped working for me, so I turned it off. The standard WoT hitlog has been moved from the lower left to the upper part of the screen and I don't see any settings where it can be put back in the correct spot. Finally, the team WN8 is no longer working for me.


stats in garage.jpg


Also, I wanted to add that the reset password email didn't seem to work for me. I never got an email in my inbox or spam folder, so I registered with another email address.

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I found in the xvm.log where it said minimap.xc is not found, so if it happens again, I know where to look for that kind of problem. I tried installing the modpack again while logged in as administrator rather than using a runas. The minimap.xc was there, but I couldn't read it. Even though I'd reset permission on the WoT folder recently, there were some wonky permissions on files in that directory. I reset the permissions again and everything is working.


Thank you so much for quickly pointing me in the right direction!

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