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Hi there, I'm playing WOT with Aslan's mod pack on MAC  and a few of the add-ons seems to not work and cannot be installed, I'm not a mac guru, and does not know were should be places, maybe if I install the content on a Windows PC and the copy it to the game folder on the mac it will work (I didn't try), but I really seek for better solution , not to copy every time when there is update, Now I can rember that Sounds of the six sense does not work, the vehicle icons which shows tier and type of tank, Is there a change to be fixed from the installer pack? or I don't know, any kind of solution will be handy, thanks.

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You should be able to run the modpack installer .exe on a Mac through CrossOver software (fancy commercial wine port). Just make sure you point the installer to the correct path for the game when asked.


When I first started playing WoT I played it on OSX exclusively for the first few months, but the performance hit was too big for me so I installed Windows on a BootCamp partition and gained almost 50% FPS. I would wholeheartedly advise you to do the same.


If you rather decide to continue playing on Mac OS, just make sure to install all the fonts necessary. I remember having some problems with missing characters after installing modpacks. But it was long time ago - after my first windows battle, I deleted the game on OSX.

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