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Add the "Battle Assistant" PoV mod to the next version of the modpack installer

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By now, I'm sure many have heard of the Battle Assistant PoV mod for arty. It has been ok'd for use as completely legal and approved by WoT devs.


Simple thought (if it's possible) is that it'd be nice to see this mod get added to the next version of Aslain's fantastic modpack downloader. I personally only use Aslain's modpack downloader (I'm admittedly horrible at actually trying to install mods properly) and would love to see this mod as a optional selection on the downloader.


If anyone isn't up to date on the mod I'm talking about, here's the FTR article on it: http://ftr.wot-news.com/2014/12/02/regarding-the-battle-assistant-artillery-pov-mod/


Aslain, would this be possible? Or is it a issue? Hope that it could be a consideration, even though I don't play much arty anymore this would be awesome for my Lef or FV304!

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