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Me don't work all mods after installing Xft DamagePanel

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Me don't work all mods after installing Xft DamagePanel + integrated damage info v0.9. I use new clear installation and I manually delete in AppData wargaming.net folder. Without result. I tried delete manually res_mod. Without result too.
I have clear installation wot, installing new XVM but this problem I have again.
I don't know what i do.
Where to instaling Aslain's XVM components?

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I testing installing this mods, XVM I have active, red don't working


Before installation Xft DamagePanel me working mods and XVM perfectly

Selected components:
      -------------------[ Aslain's XVM mod v4.0.27 ]------------------------------------------
         Vehicle Contour Icons [DLC]
            Jackhammers [DLC]
         --------------------[ Other XVM Settings ]-------------------------------------------
            ----------------------[ XVM Minimap ]-----------------------------------------------
               Labels on the minimap
                  Show vehicle names only
               Enable minimap zoom on button:
               Afficher le tier du véhicule su la minicarte (avec la touche ALT)
                  roman tiers
            Enable Auto-login to the game
            Skip intro movie
            Show latency to the servers (ping)
            Favorite Server (remembers selected login server)

            The XVM player statistics
               Rating scale
                  6 colors by Aslain (based on XVM)
               Player rating formula (WN8 by default)
            ---------------------[ The hangar XVM settings ]-----------------------------------
               Multilined Tank Carousel by XVM
                  2 rows
                  Scale of carousel cells
                     1.0 (default)
                  Show advanced info on carousel
            Update checker for Aslain's XVM ModPack

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