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Incoming hits directional arrows, etc

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The latest modpack seems to have broken the overlay that showed which direction hits to your tank were coming from (color-coded for pens/pings). I've:


1. Reinstalled while clearing both caches.

2. Using default settings (clearing caches).

3. Uninstalled the modpack, and reinstalled (clearing caches)

4. Reverted to an older version (clearing caches). - thought this would work, but get the same problem.


Let me know if I've done something stupid... 





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  • Administrator

Apologies. That was from one my testing permutations, and I forgot to reinstall the latest before sending the logs. Here are the logs from the latest installer.


I analyzed these logs, and I see you have not selected any mod from the modpack section, is that correct or the log is telling lies?


World of Tanks folder?  ->> Yes
Clean res_mods folder?  ->> Yes, FULL
Current date: 08-12-2014 and time: 17:44:13
Build date: 08-12-2014
Mod-Pack Installer by Aslain
Version: 4.0.29
Installed on: NA Client
Destination location:
Setup type:
      Recommended XVM only settings (by Aslain)
Selected components:
      -------------------[ Aslain's XVM mod v4.0.29 ]------------------------------------------
         Color Scheme
            Green vs. Red
         Vehicle Contour Icons [DLC]
            Aslains icons
               Regular (built-in)
         -----------------[ Over Target Markers (OTM) ]-------------------------------------
            The shadow intensity behind OTM
               strong shadow
            The main text field
               Vehicle name
            Stock turret marker
            Low HP exclamation mark (below 25% hp)
            Tank name over destroyed vehicles
            Floating markings of destroyed vehicles
               Angel Wings for both enemies, and allies
            Rating marker icon
         --------------------[ Other XVM Settings ]-------------------------------------------
            Panels & Windows by Aslain (in-battle)
               Battle loading window
                  Simple battleloading
               Statistics tab (under Tab key)
                  Simple Statistics Tab
               Players Panel
                  Background transparency
                     60 (weak) [WoT default]
                  Enemy spotted markers
                  Large panel
                     Advanced Panel
                  Medium panel (default)
            ----------------------[ XVM Minimap ]-----------------------------------------------
               Show 50m auto-detection circle (turquoise)
               Show 445m maximum detection range circle (yellow)
               Show 500m maximum drawing distance square (red)
               Show detection range dynamic (blue)
               Show detection range circle while in motion (navy blue)
               Show camera direction line
               Show gun traverse lines
               Show vehicle direction line
               Show icons for destroyed tanks
               Labels on the minimap
                  Show vehicle names only
               Show vehicle tier on the minimap (with ALT key)
                  roman tiers
            ----------------------[ Hitlog Settings ]----------------------------------------------
               version #1 (detailed header + normal numbers)
               number of lines
               Show HP log (under ALT key)
            Skip intro movie
            Show latency to the servers (ping)
            The XVM player statistics
               Rating scale
                  6 colors by Aslain (based on XVM)
               Player rating formula (WN8 by default)
            ----------------- [ The 6th Sense settings ]-----------------------------------
               Custom icons
               Sound alert
                  Metal Gear
            ---------------------[ The hangar XVM settings ]-----------------------------------
               The price button in the tech tree & research page
               The mastery mark in the tech tree
               Display hangar clock
               Multilined Tank Carousel by XVM
                  1 row
                  Scale of carousel cells
                     1.0 (default)
            Update checker for Aslain's XVM ModPack
Additional tasks:
      Installation type
         Clean install (clean up res_mods folder - RECOMMENDED!)
         Remove the contents of DLC cache (Aslains_DLC_cache folder)

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