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Arty locks up when I hot shift

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Saw another thread about this, i dont use discord so its not that. i have removed every mod that has to do with arty, the shell time, the arty crosshair, all of it. still screwed. as soon as i press shift the whole client freezes. all i can do is type, and see tanks moving. escape key does nothing, cant move, etc


once i hit shift the top down marker appears and i lose all control(in pic)

Log file Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip


Sorry for the double post i tried to put this in a similar thread too


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updated from version 17 to 18, played a game to cause the prob. logged out, took new log file.




edit: i changed the normal crosshair to a different one(the sniper and regular) and its fixed. I cant recall which ones i was using but theirin lies the problem, if that log shows it

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