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no gun sights

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ok just updated the mod and dont have any gun sights while in game, ran the installer a 2nd time just to make sure but to no eval it didn't fix the issue. Love your mod but =( for now I got to wait to play 1.0 I tested several different tanks to make sure it wasn't just one tank with out aiming sights.

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1 hour ago, The Filthy Fifth said:

@Prophet: Try another gunsight - I  was using Taipan 2,  with Melty aim circle - switched to Kellerman Blue with Warrior aim circle and it works. As for the sound check the sound in settings, the master sllider gets set to 0 - don't know why but put back to 100 and you are sorted.

I was using Taipan 2 also and it wasnt showing...... Ill try a different one.

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