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Sound Issues

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Hello, just upgraded to 1.0 and downloaded the latest Modpack.


I have limited sound. No background sound or music. When the game starts, I get crew (Minions) and I can hear the guns shooting. No other sounds come through.


When I go to the sound option in settings, again all I get are crew sound. The test does not work otherwise.


Log from the archiver is attached.




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it is Modpack...not mudpack...
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Had exactly the same problem went into settings to check sound settings & found they were locked up couldn't select any options

Ran installer and removed all mods

Reinstalled mods in sections and tested after each install

After reinstalling all mods to what they were originally sound was fine and now working 

 no more problems so far


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Okay, so I actually did have time. I checked the box for the UT announcer, and the same problem reappeared. There is no background sound at all. You cannot run the sound test.

In addition, when you click on the voice test...Minions work just fine. However, when you click on 6th sense...silence.


I have uploaded the log file.


I am now going to run the Modpack again, this time without the UT Announcer selected an see if the sound returns.


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I have reloaded the Modpack and did not select a UT Announcer option.


For the record, my regular selection is the UT Announcer - Female.


All the sound options now work properly. I am able to run all the sound tests with no problems. Played a game and sounds were fine.


In addition, I restarted my computer and then started the game again. As before, all sound tests work properly.


Whatever the problem is, it is with the UT Announcer option.


Log uploaded.


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