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Using medkit for stun.

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Currently if you get stunned and lose(or have already lost) a crew member simply pressing hotkey for medkit doesn't eliminate the stun until you press another key for the correct crewmember lost.

When two or more crew are dead this makes sense but with only 1 missing this is a very silly setting, I often find myself stunned in the heat of battle when i simply don't have the ability to pay attention to which crew member might have been killed (to make it even worse it's not that easy to tell the difference between a live and dead crew member when your stunned).

The medkit should be used automatically until 2 or more crewmembers are dead.

I was wondering If this would be possible to mod, Im a little surprised I have not seen anyone else complain about this, though I think almost evryone would activate this mod it would be a no brainer.

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