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WoWs mods for Mac

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Hi all,

I have WoWs running on my iMac, it runs well. I have tried Aslains' WoW Mods and they work OK using the Wine app but I have an issue with one of them.

If I select the Realms region changer all seems to go well but when the program is exited after saving I can never find the Realms icon to click on.

I have looked everywhere on my Mac and used Wine to also explore everything but no success.

So, where can I find the Realms launcher icon?

Does it work with mods for WoWs Mac?

Is there a way to launch the Realms mod?

TIA for any help.




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1 hour ago, Aslain said:

Try this guide:


Yes, I am aware of that info and have no problem installing mods. As I said - the mods are working OK, it's just that the Realms shortcut does not appear anywhere - everything else is fine.

So where do I look to run the Realms app??? I assume it is trying to install somewhere in C drive - but of course the Mac does not run WoWs from there.

I can see the virtual C drive using Wine but it doesn't have any files that let me run any Mac application or a Windows application.

If I look in C:\ - NTFS/Users/Admin/Desktop I see the following files (see attached):

Note: I am aware that those files are old, they were generated from a previous attempt, I can run the mod install again and send you any files you want, just let me know where to look.





WoWs Realms pic.jpg

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More info given and different file attached
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