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infinite loading ship in harbor and crash

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someone please help me. im sick and tired of installing this over, and over and over and over and over with it somehow managing to fuck itself up each and every time.

after completely uninstalling the mod program and reducing the number of mods i chose it seemed like it was working and immediately after a single game, same problem comes back.

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No Rust texture mod

as soon as i got rid of it my issues stopped completely. maybe is cause i changed my settings back to ultra but my 1060 shouldn't have problems with textures of nearly any size so i highly doubt its because of my GPU but anythings possible since im now on my laptop but its better than my main pc lmao all my specs are in the log i think, 6gb of vram but this issue is weird idk what item call means

when it was installed i even tried only having usa textures since thats all i use and well same problem so maybe since i only have usa ships its possible theose textures are messed up idk

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