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Need Help With Auto Equip Return

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Although I've installed this before, I've never really used it. I just went through and sold all my excess camo nets, binocs, and toolbox's in an effort to get some creds back and to just use the auto return feature.  (maybe I need to reinstall it after selling off the excess?)


The steps I've followed so far are;


1.put equipment on preferred tank

2.play battle with said tank

3.remove equip from tank

4.place equip on next tank

5.play battle with 2nd tank

6.once 2nd tank is out of battle, go to 1st tank

7.equipment does not reinsert itself.


What am I missing?


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I belive it doesn't matter how many equipment you have at the moment, as long as there is at least 1 set available in your warehouse.


Just setup each your tank with prefered equipement, and the mod will remember this next time. You don't have to do it like you described in your steps.

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I did the steps above first being that I now only have 3 of each of the binocs/toolbox/camo nets, and the installer says I have to set up each tank manually first.  That being said, the equipment is not auto returning to each vehicle.

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yep, it's working.  I think it was because I was demounting the equip in order to mount on other tanks, instead of just selecting it from the list.  Seems to be working fine now. 


Thank you for your time!

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